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Ethereum upgrade metropolis

Metropolis is the third of four planned upgrade releases mapped out by the ethereum team. As previously reported by CoinDesk, Metropolis can perhaps be seen as a major stepping stone toward improving overall usability of the platform. The Metropolis hard fork — when new software is rolled out that makes earlier versions incompatible with the network — will be released in two phases, Byzantium and Constantinople.

Developers are now ready to move onto the next stage, which will involve further trials of the fork on a test network. Depending on how that process plays out, a release date could be confirmed. According to the discussion on the topic in a reddit post , there are views that it could even get pushed into next year. There have of course, also been some changes to the underlying code since the roadmap was first announced by back in The upgrade will now be split into two steps called Byzantium and Constantinople.

These appear to just be minor changes to the manner in which the network functions and to eliminate the potential for any security exploits. Despite this, these updates are quite important for security and efficiency. For example, there are a number of upgrades to the way in which smart contracts are going to be executed particularly as it relates to faulty code.

These contracts will fail if there is any fault in the underlying code. It will also allow for the ability for contract upgrades to be included in the original code. These contracts will also include protections against something called a re-entrancy attack. The feature for embedding the transaction return data will allow light clients to ascertain whether a transaction was successful without actually having to execute the smart contract itself.

The Ethereum developers are also trying to delay the difficulty time bomb that is expected to kick in across the network. This was done so that the transaction times do not become extremely long and impeded on the network. They are also implementing another miner fix to the difficulty timebomb which will hopefully keep the block time more stable.

Byzantium will also be decreasing the block reward that is given to the miners for solving the block. The hope is that this will eventually decrease the cost and speed of the Ethereum mining. The metropolis hard fork also involved the implementation of zk-snarks.

These are being implemented in order for genuinely private transactions to eventually occur on the network. This is being done in collaboration with the developers at Z-Cash which is a privacy conscious crypto currency. They Ethereum Dev team is taking the first step to this implementation through the use new precompiles.

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Ethereum's Upgrade - Metropolis

8/25/ · Ethereum's 'Metropolis' Upgrade Could Still Be Months Away - CoinDesk Ethereum's 'Metropolis' upgrade is still being developed, though the project's core . m members in the ethereum community. Next-generation platform for decentralised applications. Dive in at 9/10/ · Layer 2 Faster, lighter, more secure. These are just some of the benefits Metropolis, the next upgrade to the ethereum blockchain, promises to introduce when it's finally unveiled. .