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Media investing

No matter the business, or the consumer, companies will need to invest in influencers, according to one expert. Twenty years ago, when brands wanted to partner with celebrities for marketing campaigns, the options were rather straightforward.

They might have hired a famous athlete to endorse a sneaker, or a movie star to promote a drink. The campaigns of yesteryear reached broader, more loosely defined audiences than possible today. Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Sina Weibo, Snapchat, WeChat, and YouTube have divided audiences into smaller online communities, clustered by common interests and demographics.

And they now offer an increasingly precise view of audience behaviour. Influencers tap into the passions of those audiences, whether they are centred on cosmetics, sports, technology, or fashion. So there's a level of authenticity that doesn't exist with celebrities. There are as many ways for brands to engage with influencers as there are business goals.

However, there are some typical deals that finance departments might see. The types of relationships include offering influencers free merchandise to plug your product, paying for single posts on one platform that mention your brand, establishing longer-term creative partnerships in which brands and influencers work together to create branded content across multiple platforms, and engaging "brand ambassadors" who fully embrace your brand and share it at every opportunity, according to Tobin, whose company has 60, influencers under contract.

Tobin also cautions finance departments to pay close attention to issues such as rights ownership of the content, secondary licensing rights, noncompete clauses, and compliance with local laws when structuring deals and payments with influencers.

The key measure Not all influencers are created equal. Broadly, there are three levels of influencers based on their audience size. Macro-influencers generally have more than , followers; micro-influencers have 20,—, followers; and nano-influencers have fewer than 20, followers.

Those distinctions are important because what brands will have to pay influencers is based partly on their audience reach. And, depending on what the business goals are, that can significantly change the cost of partnering with an influencer. Not only do finance departments have to be aware of the types of services that influencers can charge for, but also how to price those services.

Brands can set cost per thousand impressions, cost per engagement, or cost per action or conversion as the key financial marker when working with influencers. Having those objectives in mind will help make paying for the campaigns easier. More importantly, no matter which measure a finance department uses for assessing the investment, paying close attention to the quality of your analytics is key, Schogt said.

New KPIs While every business has different goals and different audiences it is trying to reach, there are some standard KPIs for measuring the success of an influencer campaign, according to the WFA. Most common KPIs include reach and views, engagement, traffic, and other earned media such as press coverage, according to the WFA. Other times we need to drive as much traffic as possible with a given target audience to a certain website or certain video.

But unless the campaign is directly tied to a sales event, such as an in-store promotion, it can be difficult to measure the impact of influencers. Brands find success when influencer marketing becomes a core part of the long-term strategy. When a relationship with an influencer works and companies start seeing positive results, brands are advised to maintain it over the long term.

Shepherd said that, when done right, influencer marketing delivers significant ROI compared with other channels. Large media ad spenders are now demanding more transparency and taking matters into their own hands. The disruption in the travel agent industry in the early s, when shareholder value shifted towards online intermediaries, is a sign of what awaits ad agencies.

Both brick-and-mortar travel agencies and traditional ad agencies are incumbents in industries facing similar challenges. These include digital disruption from online players such as Google, the rise of personalization through big data analysis, permanently connected consumers, and a shift of trust to communities. Beyond the technology disruptions, traditional advertising groups must cope with rising competition from tech companies that leverage programmatic and algorithmic media buying.

They are also facing the threat of disintermediation, as digital giants such as Google and Facebook increasingly strike direct deals with brands. When the dust settles, some ad agencies will have disappeared — sharing the fate of many travel agents — or else have consolidated due to diminished margins. Others will have managed to reinvent themselves.

They can provide solid answers to common questions, including: How can we better allocate our spend? Where should we cut if we have to? The effects need to be isolated for consumers, products, markets, etc. Brand building vs. Measuring the propensity of an investment to improve consumer perception requires consistent, frequent brand equity measures. Media vs. From our experience, the biggest upside of a ROMI program is encouraging brand teams to think critically about their plans and investments: creating a common language, fostering a discussion, and leading to fact-based decisions THE PATH FORWARD An advertising revolution may unfold if ad agencies do not evolve rapidly to answer needs from brands.

We recommend that CMOs take the following steps immediately Challenge themselves on where they stand in the digital revolution. Is their media spend optimized? Or have traditional and digital media just been stacked in a way that dilutes their efficiency? Boost their internal knowledge and capabilities on digital media. Then they will be in a position to reset their relationship with their ad agency.

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Media, he argued, transforms human thought and the way we perceive the world. Nearly 60 years later, the internet dominates the media in ways that McLuhan could not have foreseen. Virtually every media stock has some online component, even if the companies are not online media stocks themselves.

Media stocks include: Advertising: The advertising sector consists of public relations and marketing companies that connect manufacturers with consumers. Book publishing: One of the more traditional media sectors, book publishing continues to be a strong industry. A lot of that is driven by the rise in e-publishing, and also includes educational and professional publishing. Film entertainment: The film and television industry has been transformed by the popularity of streaming.

Big players such as Disney have created their own services to compete with popular streaming services like Netflix. News: From broadcast to newspapers, news was once one of the biggest media players. Today the news is largely concentrated in the hands of several major companies, with many turning online as print becomes too expensive.

Music includes everything from streaming, to physical musical sales and sync licensing. Video games: While video games are often considered their own sector, they are part of the media industry. How to Invest in the Media Sector You undoubtedly have firsthand experience with media companies. How many streaming services do you currently subscribe to?

Identifying the media companies you consume is a basic way to get started in determining possible media investment opportunities. Large media companies are generally preferable to smaller ones. Size correlates with the ability to negotiate the best deals with marketers. Big media operates along a wide spectrum of brands, meaning companies can use one product or service to promote the others.

That diversification is another crucial aspect. At the end of the day, media companies are a type of tech company and innovation is critical. When it comes to streaming stocks, content is king. The demand for content is insatiable, which is why companies supplying good content should continue to thrive. Other things to consider are the size of the company and, of course, the financial statements of the company itself.

If you want to diversify your portfolio by investing in a media company, then check out some of the companies below. Remember that this list is not exhaustive, nor are we recommending you buy any of these companies. Only you know if these companies make sense for your portfolio.

Amazon AMZN Amazon started out selling books online before branching out into selling virtually everything. Today Amazon Prime has more than million subscribers, which gives them access to Prime Video and fast shipping. The company does not disclose just how many subscribers regularly view Prime Video, though its streaming selection is heavier on quantity than quality.

The company also boasts its own TV and movie studio, Amazon Studios, and has won numerous awards for its shows. AMC also has a deal with Warner Brothers for a day exclusive theatrical release of all its films prior to home release, starting in Also in , moviegoers can pay for tickets and concessions via Bitcoin.

Comcast also has a strong presence in wireless services, video, high-speed internet and related industries in the U. These mega trends revolutionize this sector and bring rapid market growth that will help investors, producers, and entrepreneurs. We work with established media companies, producers, and capital providers.

An explosive increase in global demand will drive the returns with a compound annual growth rate CAGR of If you are contemplating any aspect of the entertainment business as an investment, please drop us a note for a free consultation about your profit-generating strategy, long-term value creation, and projections for your return on investment ROI. There are hundreds of millions of dollars available for qualified deals. We have deep relationships with many sources of capital. Your concept and business strategy have to be compelling and your success demonstrable by showing market demand.

No matter what stage your company is in, we will be happy to see if we can take it to the next level. He quickly rose through the ranks to become the President of Marketing. He served as a talent manager for writers and directors. Los Angeles since He worked as an artist manager, music supervisor, licensing director, and marketing executive.

Deborah Moore - Senior Associate Producer, p.

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Here are some of the leading investors to track if you’re a startup founder in the media, entertainment, & gaming realm: Advancit Capital: NYC-based early stage VC fund run day-to . Dec 21,  · What we have learned. In we celebrated our 25th anniversary – a quarter of a century since we provided our first loan to Slovakia’s SME to help it survive the rule of . 12/21/ · What we have learned. In we celebrated our 25th anniversary – a quarter of a century since we provided our first loan to Slovakia’s SME to help it survive the rule of .