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Iesnare matched betting example

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This post will explain exactly what IESnare is and how you can block it from spying on you. What is IESnare? IESnare can be described as spyware hidden in your computer, installed upon visiting the website of your chosen bookmaker. It has been designed by Iovation, a company that tackles fraud and money laundering online. According to Iovation, IESnare works like a cookie to find out more information about you.

It gathers a wide variety of data ranging from your location to your screen resolution. Technically this is information used by companies to improve your experience on their website. It is also used in the prevention of fraud. However, it seems that IESnare might pose a problem for matched bettors. How does this affect matched bettors? Lately, the betting community has begun to suspect that the bookmakers are abusing the features of this cookie. Bettors claim that IESnare can spy on their betting activity.

Going further, there have been suggestions it monitors patterns in web surfing to check how often they visit exchange markets and other betting websites. There is certainly plenty of speculation surrounding the software but its full capabilities are still fairly unknown.

It is unlikely that betting companies would be jeopardising their establishments by breaching privacy and general protection data regulations. However, if you are regularly using online sports booking sites, this can become a recurring issue and you should learn how to block it. Here is a simple tutorial that shows you how to stop your system from catching IESnare again and again.

You cannot stop IESnare from getting installed on your computer but you can prevent it from sending out any information it has collected making it useless. To do this, you should follow these simple steps. It prompts for additional permissions where you can agree and proceed.

Notepad now opens. Select Open option from the File menu. Below is the text that you should paste below the Save and Finish You have successfully edited the host file to block IESnare from working on your computer. You simply need to save the file and restart your computer. Type this — ping mpsnare.

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7/20/ · Teamviewer, iesnare and matched betting. hello guys. Matched Betting Blog uses cookies to help improve your experience whilst visiting the site. Close your Betfair . 7/20/ · Close your Betfair account if it considers there is sufficient evidence of abuse of this promotion, for example, if you are using more than one username to take part, or you are . 8/15/ · Go to File and click Open. In the File name box, enter “C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc”. In the drop down box, select “All Files” and click .