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I need to see real growth in metrics like customer acquisition and trading volume before making a deeper commitment. From what I can tell, the news about EDXM will only be positive for Coinbase if it helps to expand the pie for the crypto industry as a whole. That's right -- they think these 10 stocks are even better buys. Independent nature of EDXM would also restrain the firm from the possibility of conflicts of interest. EDXM needed to prove its utility to stay relevant within the crypto space though. For now, I'm taking a wait-and-see backed crypto exchange with Coinbase. Meanwhile, the EDX exchange would work to accommodate both private and institutional investors.

Entwicklung crowd investing deutschland coinwatch crypto

Entwicklung crowd investing deutschland

Warum fertigt ihr in Hamburg? Bei uns dreht sich alles um das Lokale, da war es naheliegend, auch lokal zu produzieren. Dies erlaubt es uns, wesentlich schneller zu agieren, sofort von unseren Fehler zu lernen und besser und kosteneffizient zu produzieren. Wir arbeiten eng mit unseren lokalen Produzenten und Weiterverarbeitern zusammen. Bei Problemen setzen wir uns ins Auto und sind in 10 Minuten in der Fabrik, das geht mit einer Produktion im Ausland nicht.

Wo steht Protonet und wo geht es hin? Diese Aufgabe wollen wir nun unter anderem mit Hilfe des Seedmatch Investments meistern. Wir haben auch verstanden, dass zu einem erfolgreichen Produkt nicht nur die technische Umsetzung wichtig ist. Viele gewonnene Multiplikatoren leisten schon jetzt einen entscheidenden Beitrag zu unserem Erfolg. Dies gilt es auszuweiten, auch im Rahmen dieses Crowdfundings. Wir betrachten Euch nicht nur als Investoren, sondern auch als Partner. Wie bringt ihr eure Innovation an den Mann?

Vertrieb: Direktvertrieb und Partnerschaften bilden unsere Vertriebsschwerpunkte. Auf Events z. Gravis und weitere Multiplikatoren aktiv unsere Produkte. Einzelne Verhandlungen stehen bereits kurz vor dem Abschluss. Im digitalen Zeitalter ganz besonders auf Daten- und Kommunikationsebene. Do Judges Hate Speculators? DOI Historically, people have often expressed negative feelings toward speculators, a sentiment that might have even been reinforced since the latest financial crisis, dur- ing which taxpayer money was warranted or spent to bail out reckless investors.

In this paper, we conjecture that judges may also have anti-speculator sentiment, which might affect their professional decision making. We asked professional law- yers and law students in Germany this question, and they clearly predicted that judges would have an anti-speculator bias. However, in an actual behavioral study, judges did not exhibit such bias. In another sample of professional lawyers, we found weak support for an anti-speculator bias. This evidence suggests that an independent audience may actually perceive unbiased judgments as biased.

While the literature usually suggests that a communication problem exists between lawyers and non-lawyers i. Haddad, Christian; Hornuf, Lars DOI We investigate the economic and technological determinants inducing entrepreneurs to establish ventures with the purpose of reinventing financial technology fintech.

We find that countries witness more fintech startup formations when the latest technology is readily available, capital markets are well-developed, and people have more mobile telephone subscriptions. Furthermore, the available labor force has a positive impact on the development of this new market segment.

Finally, the more sound the financial system, the lower the number of fintech startups in a country. Overall, the evidence suggests that fintech startup formation need not be left to chance, but active policies can influence the emergence of this new sector. DOI Using an artefactual field experiment, this paper tests the long-term implications of living in a specific economic system on individual dishonesty.

By comparing cheating behaviour across individuals from the former socialist East of Germany with those of the capitalist West of Germany, we examine behavioural differences within a single country. We find long-term implications of living in a specific economic system for individual dishonesty when social interactions are possible: participants with an East German background cheated significantly more on an abstract die-rolling task than those with a West German background, but only when exposed to the enduring system of former West Germany.

Moreover, our results indicate that the longer individuals had experienced socialist East Germany, the more likely they were to cheat on the behavioural task. DOI Today, startups often obtain financing via the Internet through many small contributions of non-sophisticated investors. Yet little is known about whether these startups can ultimately build enduring businesses. In this article, we hand-collected data from 14 different equity crowdfunding ECF portals and firms that ran at least one successful ECF campaign in Germany or the United Kingdom.

We empirically analyze different factors affecting follow-up funding and firm failure. The findings show that German firms that received ECF stood a higher chance of obtaining follow-up funding through business angels or venture capitalists, but also had a higher likelihood of failure.

The number of senior managers, subsequent successful ECF campaigns, and the number of venture capital investors all had a positive impact on obtaining post-campaign financing, while firm age had a negative impact. Subsequent successful ECF campaigns were significant predictors decreasing firm failure. DOI In crowdfunding, start-ups can voluntarily communicate with their investors by posting updates.

We investigate whether start-ups strategically use updates, which were previously shown to increase investments. To this end, we use hand-collected data of updates and 39, investment decisions from the two major German equity crowdfunding portals Seedmatch and Companisto. We find evidence for strategic communication behavior of startups during an equity crowdfunding campaign. During the funding period, start-ups post updates with linguistic devices that enhance the group identity and the group cohesion.

Furthermore, the probability of an update during the funding period increases with a strong competition of other contemporary crowdfunding campaigns. The present Article aims to shed light on the question whether crowdinvesting regulation should favor a specific legal form or contract type for crowdinvesting. To this end, it analyzes the conditions which legal forms and contract types must fulfill to be used in crowdinvesting. As crowdinvesting in Germany benefits from a high degree of contractual freedom, the Article gives an overview not only of the types but also of the contents of crowdinvesting contracts that are in use in Germany and traces how they have evolved.

DOI The Internet-based crowdinvesting market in Europe has developed significantly since its start in and has become an alternative source of finance for entrepreneurs to sell securities through the Internet to small investors. This market evidences a great variety in platform design and contract forms used by crowdinvesting platforms. By analyzing more detailed, hand-collected data on the complete set of successful and unsuccessful crowdinvesting campaigns run in Germany, this article tests whether different platform and contractual mechanisms affect crowd participation.

The results show that crowd participation is largest when the minimum ticket size is small, the crowd is pooled in a financial vehicle, and the crowd is offered investments in the form of profit-participating loans. Moreover, the very same mechanisms increase the chances of achieving successful campaigns and raising a larger amount.

DOI Start-ups often post updates during equity crowdfunding campaigns. Yet, little is known about the effects of such updates on funding success. We investigate this question using hand-collected data from 71 funding campaigns on two German equity crowdfunding portals. Using a combination of qualitative and quantitative empirical research techniques, we find that posting an update has a significant positive effect on the number of investments by the crowd and the investment amount collected by the start-up.

This effect does not occur immediately in its entirety but is lagged by a few days. The positive effect increases with the number of words of the update. Distinguishing by the content of the update, we find that the positive effect can be attributed to updates about new funding and business developments as well as updates that inform about promotional campaigns run by the start-up.

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Crowdfunding-Plattformen: Alleinstellungsmerkmale Innovestment Im Gegensatz zu den meisten Crowdfunding-Plattformen bietet Innovestment eine marktbasierte Unternehmensbewertung. Diese wird durch eine Auktion realisiert, in der stille Beteiligungen der Startups versteigert werden. Auf diese Weise bestimmt die Zahlungsbereitschaft aller interessierten Investoren die Konditionen und letztlich auch die Bewertung des Unternehmens.

Die Investitionen sollen nicht unter Zeitdruck erfolgen. Finanzierungen dauern in der Regel nur wenige Tage bis hin zu wenigen Stunden. Das schnellste Funding dauerte auf Seedmatch nur 87 Minuten. Weitere grundlegende Neuerungen stehen kurz bevor. Wir finanzieren keine reinen Internetideen und wir bringen die Investoren wirklich mit den Unternehmern zusammen. Diese unterhalten sich beispielsweise real in einem Cafe. Die Plattform setzt damit auf eine Nische im Crowdinvesting-Markt.

Die Mindestbeteiligung ist mit gerade einmal 50 Euro niedriger als bei den meisten Wettbewerbern. Companisto Bei Companisto gibt es niedrige Mindestinvestitionssummen. Es macht keinen Unterschied, ob sich oder 2.

Das Startup hat mit Companisto in jedem Fall nur einen einzigen Vertragspartner. Derzeit liegt die im Durchschnitt investierte Summe der Companisten bei rund Euro. Die Beratung erfolgt somit insbesondere in Bezug auf die Vorbereitung der Kampagne, ist aber nicht langfristig ausgelegt. Ein wichtiger Faktor ist das Vertrauen Externer in das Projekt. Keinesfalls sollte es zu einer Unterbrechung des Kommunikationsflusses im Zeitverlauf kommen.

Dapp, T. Carsten, J. Beck, R. Verordnung EU Nr. Dimler, N. Becker, W. Howe, J. Surowiecki, J. Kozinets, Robert V. Hornuf, L. M, Unterformen Crowdfunding, , S. Je nach Typus der stillen Gesellschaft gibt es steuerliche Unterscheidungen vgl. Ein Mitspracherecht bei Entscheidungen des Unternehmens wird nicht vergeben. Genussscheine verbriefen Genussrechte, wie z. Beteiligungen am Gewinn. Ausgenommen davon sind Mitbestimmungs- und Mitwirkungsrechte vgl. Moritz, A.

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