march madness first game
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March madness first game

Sixty-eight teams tip off at the start, and by the second weekend only 16 teams remain. Those NCAA Sweet 16 teams play regional semifinals for a chance to move on to the regional finals and become part of the Elite Eight later in the weekend. These games are true must-sees. These teams are truly elite — only the most talented and dedicated make it to this prestigious round of the NCAA tournament.

Fans with Elite Eight tickets bring tons of passion and enthusiasm to the stands, cranking up the excitement of every matchup. The four games played by the Elite Eight take place at the end of the second weekend, and the winners advance to the Final Four. Final Four It all comes down to this. Student athletes have pushed themselves hard to make it to the Final Four, and they need to push themselves even harder to make it through as national champions.

Regions that do not include First Four games have exactly sixteen teams. The committee is charged with making each of the four regions as close as possible in overall quality of teams from wherever they come from. From to , the "Mideast", roughly corresponding to the Southeastern region of the United States , designation was used. From to , the Mideast region was known as "Southeast" and again changed to "South" starting from The selected names roughly correspond to the location of the four cities hosting the regional finals.

From to , the regions were named after their host cities, e. Louis, Missouri , and West Phoenix, Arizona. The committee then divides the teams amongst the four regions, giving each a seed between No. The same four seeds in all the regions are referred to as the seed line i. Eight teams are doubled up and compete in the First Four. Two of the paired teams compete for No.

However, teams are moved to other regions to follow several rules for ensuring competitive balance and avoiding rematches from the regular season in early rounds. The regions are paired so that if all the No. The No. The committee ensures competitive balance among the top four seeds in each region by adding the true seed values up and comparing the values among the regions. If there is significant deviation, some teams will be moved among the regions to balance the true seed distribution.

Otherwise, teams from the same conference are placed to avoid a rematch before the regional finals if they have played three or more times in the season, the regional semifinals if they have played twice, or the second round if they have played once. Additionally, the committee is advised to avoid rematches from the regular season and the previous years' tournament in the First Four.

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March Madness was first used to refer to basketball by an Illinois high school official, Henry V. What is One Shining Moment? One Shining Moment is the anthem of March Madness. After each tournament, the song accompanies a montage of the best moments of March Madness, from every buzzer beater and major upset to reactions of the fans themselves. Barrett wrote the song as an ode to basketball, but it was first scheduled to run after Super Bowl XXI. After the coverage of the game ran long, the song never aired for the Super Bowl, but CBS producer Doug Towey used it in the following March Madness, where it has lived ever since.

What is the biggest upset in March Madness history? This one isn't close. It was the first time in the history of the tournament that a 16 seed beat a 1 seed, after the 1 seeds were a perfect through college basketball history. Hard to find a bigger underdog than that. In , the field was doubled to 64 teams. In , a play-in game was added, increasing the number of teams to In , three more play-in games were added to the tournament.

The 64 teams were separated into four team regions in which the No. The winner of each region meets in the Final Four each year, which is held in a single location. The final 16 teams are called the "Sweet In the first championship game, Louisiana Tech defeated Cheyney, a Pennsylvania school, In , the NCAA announced the expansion of the women's tournament from 64 to 68 teams.

After not winning in , the Bruins won seven titles in a row from and another in He averaged In the latter title game, the 6-foot Walton made 21 of 22 field-goal attempts and scored 44 points in a win over Memphis State. Walton's performance is considered one of the greatest by a player in tournament history.

North Carolina State beat Marquette in the championship game,