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I need to see real growth in metrics like customer acquisition and trading volume before making a deeper commitment. From what I can tell, the news about EDXM will only be positive for Coinbase if it helps to expand the pie for the crypto industry as a whole. That's right -- they think these 10 stocks are even better buys. Independent nature of EDXM would also restrain the firm from the possibility of conflicts of interest. EDXM needed to prove its utility to stay relevant within the crypto space though. For now, I'm taking a wait-and-see backed crypto exchange with Coinbase. Meanwhile, the EDX exchange would work to accommodate both private and institutional investors.

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Student money saver matched betting forum

Matched betting forums have existed for as long as people have been taking advantage of the bookies and have grown with the market. Matched betting forums are great because they involve all levels of experience and ability as well as industry professionals who are more than happy to help out.

Personally, I found forums to be extremely useful when I started out on my matched betting journey and I still use them on a regular basis now. They provide advice on everything from high-interest savings accounts to the most affordable electricity providers, but they also have an excellent forum page with a massive community discussing all manner of money-saving topics including matched betting.

Their forum members post daily on all manner of topics and they cover just about every base that you could possibly need to consider. Here, people post everything from beginner questions and guides to sharing their biggest wins and providing examples of how you can do the same and unlock the very best bookie bonuses.

For more information on this, check out my matched betting software reviews. The Student Room The Student Room has been about for a very long time and originally came into existence as space for students to share their thoughts on everything from UCAS applications and exams to student accommodation and Student Union discussions. I don't want to waste money; what items are worth buying at my local discount store?

The wide variety of products, including food, clothing and household supplies often makes these stores an appealing one-stop-shop. Like many retailers, they bank on the impulse buy, hooking consumers with bargains and hoping buyers will pick up additional items while they're there.

To help determine which dollar store items are a good deal, keep the following factors in mind. Thoroughly inspect each item you're considering. Is it made from plastic that's thin and likely to break? Is the fabric rough to the touch and prone to shrinking the first time it's washed? Will that toy hold up to the enthusiasm of your energetic 2-year-old? If there's a good chance you'll have to replace the item in a relatively short amount of time, it's probably best to pass it up.

Many discount retailers offer name-brand products at seemingly steep discounts. To determine if the price is right, comparison shop and calculate the unit cost before you buy. Purchasing the larger quantity is more cost effective, because each bag costs 2. Is that soup bowl microwave safe? Can you put those festive dishes in the dishwasher or will you be required to hand wash them?

Are the bath towels big enough to wrap around your body? Low prices are great, but only if the item will truly meet your need. Only you can judge whether or not an item is worth purchasing, but seasoned shoppers have shared the following opinions on what's worth buying at their favorite discount store: Worth a try: gift bags, craft supplies, greeting cards, seasonal decorations, cleaning supplies, vases and decorative glassware. Pass it up: electronics, office supplies, batteries, lightbulbs, crayons, tools, children's toys, pots and pans.

Is a membership to a store like this worth it, or should I continue shopping at my regular grocery store? The value of a club membership depends on you - the types of products you buy, how quickly you use them and the amount of storage space you have available. Before buying a membership, visit your local store to see what it offers.

Many retailers host special events that allow non-members a chance to explore the store before making a decision to join. Before your visit, make a list of your commonly purchased items and the prices you typically pay. If the potential savings is greater than the cost of membership, joining may benefit your budget. If you choose to purchase a membership, follow these tips for bulk-shopping success: Exercise your willpower. If perishable items are too good a deal to pass up, freeze what you can or consider partnering with a friend to split the items so you both benefit from the savings.

Keep storage in mind. Economy-sized packages of laundry detergent, toilet paper and canned goods can save some cash, but they take up valuable space. Plan accordingly so you have room for all the items you bring home. Back to Top Should I buy furniture outright or "rent to own"? You can either rent the product for a short period of time and return it, or agree to rent the product until you pay enough to own the item. If you only need an item for a short period of time, rent-to-own might be a viable option.

However, if you want to keep the item, buying from a rent-to-own company will usually cost two to five times as much as purchasing the item from a department or appliance store. After comparing your options, if you choose to go through a rent-to-own retailer make sure you ask the right questions. What is the total cost over the length of the contract? Will the item I get be new or used? What happens if my payment is late? What happens if I miss a payment?

Are there penalties if I cancel the agreement? Good luck to you and happy shopping! Back to Top Between school, church and community activities, my family is constantly on the go. What are some fast, economical options for feeding my family without resorting to the drive thru?

Consider once-a-month-cooking. Set aside one weekend for cooking and enjoy your efforts for an entire month by harnessing the power of your freezer. All it takes is a little research and some meal planning for your kitchen life to become much easier. Save money by making meals with similar ingredients so you can buy in bulk and parcel out what you need. Embrace your slow cooker.

Casseroles, stews, chilis, veggies and even desserts can be prepared in a slow cooker with minimal effort and easy clean-up. Gather your family and brainstorm a list of easy, satisfying meal options that require few ingredients and little prep time. Consider making double batches; one for your current meal and one to freeze for later. For more sanity-saving kitchen ideas, check out these online resources: EatAtHomeCooks.

Back to Top Is buying percent gas vs. We did a little digging and here are some things to consider when comparing your fuel options. Keep reading for other factors that may impact your drive. Is ethanol good for my car? Ethanol-enriched fuel performs much like regular unleaded gasoline and actually surpasses it in key performance categories. Ethanol-enriched fuel absorbs moisture in a fuel system, helping prevent fuel lines from freezing in the winter.

Can I use ethanol-blended gas in older vehicles? All cars built after can use E10 blends. If you drive an older car and want to use an ethanol blend, an adjustment to a lower air-to-fuel ratio may be necessary. Talk to your manufacturer or mechanic for more details.

Will ethanol blended gas plug fuel filters? Can I use ethanol-blended gas in small engines like lawn mowers and weed eaters? Most newer small engines are compatible with ethanol-blended fuel. Will using an ethanol blend affect my gas mileage? Many factors, such as weather, road conditions and tire inflation, can affect fuel economy. Many drivers find that this is a fair trade-off because E85 gas is usually significantly cheaper, so it makes up for lost gas mileage.

Is ethanol really better for the environment? Ethanol is a much cleaner burning fuel than percent gasoline, offering a significant reduction in carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon tailpipe emissions. Ultimately, since there are no clean cut answers to the question, it most likely comes down to personal preference and how your particular vehicle performs. Consider doing an experiment to see which type of fuel works best with your vehicle.

Compare the results and decide which fuel is best for your vehicle and driving patterns. The weekly coupon insert in the Sunday paper often includes coupons for restaurants like Sonic, IHOP or Olive Garden, so start clipping and start saving. If your dining party includes little ones, check out MyKidsEatFree. Websites like Living Social and Groupon are excellent sources for discount dining deals; just make sure to read the fine print and take advantage of the deal before it expires.

The card is good for an entire year, which gives you a lot of opportunities to save. Give your opinion, get something free. Many fast food restaurants offer free menu items for completing phone or online satisfaction surveys. Survey information is usually located on the back of your receipt so give your two cents and earn some tasty treats.

Back to Top Everything seems to be getting more expensive lately. Is there any way to stay ahead of rising prices? Inflation - a rise in general pricing, which means your dollar buys less and less over time - is at the heart of this problem. The past ten years have been a period of low inflation by historical standards, with prices rising only an average of 2. The honeymoon may be over; prices are already about 4 percent higher than this time last year.

Last month, we talked about how to save money on gas. The high cost of gas causes the cost of other things to rise, as well, since the fuel required to transport goods to stores is more expensive. With a little shopping savvy, you can find some relief at checkout the next time you go to the grocery store. Try these tips to ease the pain. Make and stick to a list. Each week, decide what you want to eat for every meal, make a grocery list based on your meal plan, and stick to your list. This is by far the most significant way to lower your grocery bill.

Forget the brand. Usually, buying generic products will save you even more than buying name-brand items with coupons. Flex your neck muscles. A quick scan of the full aisle can reveal significant savings. Consider alternatives. Be flexible in your meal planning so you can take advantage of sales.

For example, if chicken is unexpectedly on sale, could you substitute it for beef in one or more of your meals this week? Also, throw a few less expensive meals in the mix each week, such as spaghetti or soup. Back to Top Why is the cost of gas so high? There are several factors that affect the price of gas. So, why is gas so expensive? As Americans, we consume a lot of gas— million gallons daily, to be exact. Supply has an equal effect on price. Oil, the main ingredient of gas, is a limited resource.

It must be found, extracted, refined, transported and sold Throw in a hurricane or war and oil supplies can drop, raising prices. The biggest part, about 66 percent, is the cost of crude oil. Refining, distribution and marketing make up 19 percent. Uncle Sam takes 12 percent through taxes. Finally, your local gas station gets about 3 percent, allowing them to cover their expenses and turn a small profit.

Drive less. The best way to lower your gas bill is to drive less. When running errands, try to combine multiple trips into one. Going only a few blocks? Walk or ride your bike for a gas-free, emission-free and healthy trip! Want to split gas cost? Carpool with a friend or coworker.

Take it easy. Speeding may or may not get you an expensive ticket, but it does waste gas. Shop around. Check out GasBuddy. Take a wrench to it. To keep your car from becoming a gas hog, proper care is the key. Got a clogged air filter? It could be choking your engine; replace it with a new one. Back to Top Do you have any good tips for dealing with the high cost of fuel?

With skyrocketing gas prices, my budget is really feeling the pinch. Spending plans only work if we adjust them when needed. Don't smack the messenger, but you may have to cut your spending in other areas and limit your driving!

Since a gallon of gas is now priced higher than the average latte, we did a bit of research to help you get the most out of each tank-full. Instead of flooring it from a traffic light, accelerate slowly to avoid wasting gas and straining your vehicle.

Slow down and save money. Clean out your trunk. Remove golf clubs, boxes of books, and other heavy items from your vehicle. Driving around with an extra pounds of junk in your car can significantly reduce its fuel economy. Check your tires. Keep your tires properly inflated; this will help improve or sustain your gas mileage and protect your tires from wear and tear.

Back to Top My husband thinks it's smarter to buy a new fridge on credit because it will last longer. I would rather buy an inexpensive second-hand fridge for now and upgrade later. What do you think? Without a doubt, there comes a point in every household when you have to pitch the old fridge and get a new one.

You consider the pros and cons, and each option offers positive and negative aspects. Buy Used! Used refrigerators seem like a good choice because they have the lowest upfront cost. Since many homeowners replace appliances when updating a kitchen, there are quality used fridges out there.

However, it can be very hard to tell if a used refrigerator is going to pay-off or give you unexpected headaches. Potentially, you could end up spending more on repairs in upcoming years than you did to buy the refrigerator. If you do purchase a used refrigerator, avoid buying one that has a pre-existing problem.

Bottom line, buying a used refrigerator is a risky move, but if you get lucky, it could be the best decision from an economic perspective. Buy New! Nothing is worth spending more than you can afford to pay. If you can handle the cost, however, there are advantages to spending a bit more for better quality. If for some reason there is a defect in the model, your warranty should cover the cost of those repairs and any necessary maintenance.

Is it smarter to do it myself, which would be cheaper but could take longer, or hire someone to do the job, which could be more expensive but done in half the time? Before you jump in with a hammer and drill, ask yourself these important questions. Do you have the skills to do the job correctly? How long will the project take? But if repairs are more time-sensitive, like a project that takes your kitchen or only bathroom out of commission for days on end, it may be smarter and less stressful!

Is the money saved worth the investment of your time? If you decide that working with a licensed contractor is the best choice, keep these tips in mind. Ask your family and friends for recommendations. Ask for references and, if possible, view completed work.

Require a written, signed contract and make sure you fully understand and agree with the terms. Pay per the signed agreement and only for completed work. Taking the time to research different cost-saving options can yield great results, helping you save time and money and ultimately, make the best decision for you and your family. Back to Top I know that when talking about ways to save money, one of the first things most people suggest is to cook at home and avoid eating out.

Do you have any tips on ways we can still save money when dining out? Here are some tips to help you eat out more affordably. Look for coupons and special deals. Check your local newspaper for up-to-date coupons. There are tons of coupons available for dine-in restaurants and fast food joints.

Also be on the lookout for specials that allow kids to eat free or cheap. Eat earlier. Skip the soda. Consider fast food. Fast food places can be considerably cheaper than dine-in restaurants, and by spending less on the meal, you may be able to enjoy a movie afterward or eat out again another night. Skip the extras. Although appetizers and desserts are sometimes the best part of dining out, these extras will also cost you extra money. Instead, consider ordering an appetizer as your meal.

You could also consider eating at home and going out for dessert. They constantly want to go out to eat or participate in expensive activities. What should I do? Trying to live a luxurious lifestyle on a smaller income can lead to overspending and unhappiness among other negative consequences. There is good news, though; you can find middle ground without sacrificing your friendship! Tell them about it. Ask if your group can limit costly outings to once a month or every other month.

Invite your friends outdoors. Suggest a few low-cost options, like hiking, county fairs, picnics, ice skating or outdoor concerts. Do your homework. Look for events and restaurants that will fit your budget, but also be new and interesting to your pals. Watch for coupons and discounts for additional savings. Pick and choose. For example, if your friends are headed to dinner and a movie and you want to hang out but spend less, consider meeting them afterward for coffee or dessert. Healthy finances are a priority, so you may have to show up late or leave early sometimes to keep your budget on track.

Who knows, maybe your actions will motivate your friends to take a closer look at their own spending habits! Do you have any tips or suggestions to help us save money while getting ready for our little bundle of joy? Nix the new.

You may want to consider consignment shops, garage sales or online sites eBay. Forget fancy furniture. A crib that meets national safety standards is a must. But, do you really need the matching changing table, bookshelf, armoire and hutch? Resist the urge to upgrade. And, unless you drive a clown car, you probably have enough room to safely transport your precious cargo.

Discuss day care. If both parents plan to work outside the home after the baby is born, investigate the perks of using an employer-sponsored flexible spending account to pay day care expenses. Considering making the transition from working professional to stay-at-home parent? Test the waters by banking your paycheck during pregnancy to see if you can pay your bills, meet your savings goals, and still have a little fun on one income.

For more baby budgeting tips, visit PracticalMoneySkills. Back to Top Should I use all of my savings to purchase a new car with cash, or should I finance some or all of it? However, there are pros and cons to using both cash and credit.

On the other hand, if you shop for a good interest rate and handle the loan responsibly, timely payments will help boost your credit score. Thankfully, there are several payment options worth considering. This strategy will pay the loan off quicker and reduce your overall interest expense. Back to Top What is the easiest method to track your spending, especially outside the home?

Unfortunately or fortunately? Keeping track of purchases allows us to curb wasteful spending and direct our money to true needs and priorities. Find the one that fits your lifestyle and stick with it! Retain receipts. Drop your receipts in a jar or box nightly after balancing your checkbook, of course for a month.

Put pen to paper. Carry a little notebook and write down everything you spend, down to the penny. This captures even the smallest expenses, such as trips to the vending machine and travel tolls, which can add up quickly. Go green. Take a cue from past generations and use cash whenever possible. Create envelopes for your expense categories i. This system not only helps you monitor outflow, but also helps you stick to the plan!

Save with software. Technically inclined? Computer programs like Quicken can help you balance accounts and track expenses electronically. Most programs are relatively inexpensive and user-friendly, too. Regardless of which tracking method you choose, the key is staying the course long enough to identify spending trends and shift your financial focus to more important goals, like debt reduction or savings.

Back to Top Holidays, Vacations and Other Life Events It's almost spring break and we really wanted to go on a family vacation this year. We are budgeting for a house right now so what can we do as a family to have fun and stay on target with our goals? To stretch that entertainment dollar, consider these tips. Do your research. Social media sites such as Facebook are a good source of information about free or low-cost events in your area.

Also, check out sites like Eventbrite. Hit the library. Check out library-sponsored book readings, clubs, film screenings and lectures. While you're there, check out a book, magazine or even a movie instead of buying one. Cheer on the home team. Attend a local high school sporting event; they're usually much cheaper than college or professional games, but generate a lot of the same excitement and fan frenzy. Dig for discounts. Many theaters, museums, galleries, zoos and parks offer discounts or free admission on certain days of the week or month.

Don't forget to check online event calendars and sites like Groupon. Get some fresh air. Mother Nature is an excellent source of free or cheap entertainment. Go hiking, fishing or camping for some fun and fresh air. Plan a picnic or try bird-watching in your local park or wilderness preserve. Visit TravelOK. For more information and resources to help you reach your financial goals, check out the Consumers tab at OklahomaMoneyMatters.

Back to Top My partner proposed over the holidays! How can I have a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank? Planning your wedding can be a fun, but also stressful time. Consider these tips to help. Start planning early. The more time you give yourself, the easier it becomes to find bargains and pay for products or services in cash.

Assess what matters. In order to stay on budget, you may have to make some concessions. This will allow you to shift your spending to elements that really matter for your dream day. Say yes to the dress. Most brides dream of their perfect wedding dress and affordable options are available. Consider shopping dress sales or even borrowing or purchasing a second-hand dress.

Choose a nearby location. A wedding venue—whether a destination or not—can easily be one of the largest expenses of the day, so consider having your ceremony close to home, such as in your home or outdoors at a local park or event hall. This will not only reduce travel costs for your guests, but will allow you to direct more funds toward other details.

Ask for help instead of gifts. Consider asking family and friends to gift money or services for your wedding instead of actual presents. Ask if they would consider doing your hair for the big day at no cost. Have a super outgoing bestie? Consider your food and drink options.

Catering costs can add up quickly—especially if you plan a large wedding. The good news is, you have options to reduce these costs. With more offers, you have more choices and more ability to negotiate with your favorite service provider. Minimalism is in. The concept of minimalism is trending, and you can benefit financially by working this less-is-more plan into your big day. Buy second-hand from thrift stores or online marketplaces, like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or apps like Offer Up.

Make your own invitations. Websites like Canva or Shutterfly make designing wedding invitations simple and inexpensive, while printing them yourself shaves off even more from the cost. Do you have a wedding website? If so, consider e-RSVPs or even e-invites to cut down postage costs. Pare down your wedding party, and their gifts. Wedding party gifts can be quite expensive.

Consider limiting your wedding party to one or two people. Contact local colleges and universities. Have your heart set on a string quartet, or using a photographer or videographer for the big day? Consider working with local college students, who may be eager to build their portfolios. Students might be willing to provide services for low or no cost in exchange for permission to use you as a reference later.

To learn more about building a strong financial foundation as a couple, check out our Love and Money learning module. Back to Top This Christmas, I'm planning to propose to my girlfriend of four years. It just doesn't make sense; why start your life together with debt? To reduce the cost of an engagement ring, think about these alternatives. Jewelers usually offer seasonal savings around holidays, so even if you only have a short time to search, go to a few stores and shop online to compare price and quality.

Consider an heirloom. Using a family ring as an engagement ring can be very sentimental, not to mention it symbolizes a close family connection. Consider pre-owned. Buying a pre-owned engagement ring can be a great solution for couples on a tight budget.

People sell wedding jewelry for a variety of reasons. If a divorce or break-up prompts the sell, you could possibly snag a great ring at a super low price. Choose a different stone. Rings set with colored gemstones are very trendy — and very affordable. Go faux. Consider delaying the purchase of an expensive ring until you can afford the one you truly want. You can cut your total cost considerably by selecting a less expensive metal for your engagement ring.

Silver, gold and white gold are significantly less expensive than platinum. To find more information about successful money management, visit OklahomaMoneyMatters. You may also want to check out the Love and Money learning module to see how to effectively set financial goals as a couple. Do you have any suggestions?

Halloween is the third most expensive holiday of the year. Consider these tips to help you stay within your budget. Develop a plan. Developing a realistic plan now will help you avoid that Halloween hangover later. Be creative. This is also a great way to create memorable annual traditions with your children. Split the cost. Encourage them to bring a fun Halloween snack or scary movie.

If just passing out candy is your plan this year, buy in bulk and split the bag and cost with a friend. Think ahead. Back to Top Help! How do I avoid overspending this holiday season? Is your wallet prepared? Make a list. Then, make a list of potential gifts that fit within that budget. Leave the cards at home. Turn to the envelope system to stay on budget for each person. Write their names on envelopes and place the amount of money you plan to spend on them in each envelope. Turn to technology.

This application allows you to track the gifts you purchased, what you need to buy and how much you have left to spend for each person. In addition, it generates a helpful shopping list to assist you in getting in and out of the mall faster. One of the easiest ways to fall victim to overspending is thinking that gifts need to be made even, meaning everyone should have the same amount of presents to open.

Back to Top As spring approaches, I'm trying to think of new family activities, but money is tight. I'm worried that cutting back may mean sacrificing our fun. Any ideas? Newspapers and local websites are a good source of information about free or low-cost events in your area. Check out Wimgo. Go team! Head outdoors. Back to Top Summer is always an expensive gift-giving time for me and my family. It seems like invitations to weddings, baby showers, graduations and birthday parties never end from May to August!

Can you suggest some tips to help ease the pain of purchasing for others? Learn to say no. Sending a celebratory note or card—rather than a gift—will usually suffice. Take advantage of the off-season. Always be on the lookout for thoughtful birthday, graduation, wedding and baby gifts. Some of the most special gifts are from the heart. Are you crafty? Make some scrapbook templates for your favorite graduate.

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An amazing part of this website is its forum, which has bettors of different experience levels, moderators, and staff willing to help you with your queries and with offers. The best part of this forum is that the available members are always sharing tips and advice, talking about great odds in some markets, and trying their best to help others. If you are looking for a forum where you will get useful information and tips, or a forum that you can relax and chat with others, then the Profit Accumulator Matched Betting Forum is a great choice.

They provide their users with a lot of tools and services that will help them earn, and they stand out completely from their competitors. Their forum is one of the best matched betting forums around and it provides individuals with a great way of getting useful matched betting information. No matter your experience level or status, you can easily ask anyone on the Oddsmonkey forum for help, and both members, moderators, and staff will come to your aid.

With the Oddsmonkey forum, you can easily stay up to date with everything Matched Betting. Matched Betting Blog Forum The Matched Betting Blog was started back in and has been around since then, growing and helping out anyone with an interest in matched betting. The blog was started to provide a place where anyone could easily get access to info and advice about matched betting.

Their Forum also helps make this goal a reality as it provides members a place where there can easily get access to guides and ask other users questions about anything Matched Betting. On this forum, you can easily find out about different ways you can earn online, and you can also ask questions whenever you have an issue. The forum has a dedicated part where individuals involved in Matched Betting share advice and tips and chat with others.

If you are searching for a forum that has members willing to help each other out, offering advice and tips, then The Money Shed Forum is a nice place to go to. It points out the significance of using matched betting forums and communities. There are hundreds of experienced players on the forums eager to help you out. This will at least give you some reassurance before placing the bet. So which matched betting forums and communities are the best?

Team Profit — Best for newbies admin support When it comes to actively managed forums with experienced administrators Team Profit wins hands down. From beginners who post questions on the best way to take advantage of bookmaker promotions, to veterans who want to maximise their returns.

Martin Lewis Moneysavingexpert The maestro of money saving has been matched betting from the very start. Infact the first matched betting specific post we found went all the way back to While MSE forum members are allowed to share betting recommendations they do stress that contrary to belief matched betting is not without risk.

For more details on this we have a post explaining why matched betting is not risk free. With that said, most MSE members are money savers so are more than likely trust worthy with their suggestions. MatchedBettingBlog Forum Matched Betting Blog is relatively new just over a year but within that time it has already gained pace and attracted a decent following. The forum is looks sharp and to the point with no spammy banners ads and works straight from the browser so no need for an app.

This definitely appears to be an active forum with hundreds of live members on at any one time and tons of posts placed daily. The sub categories are well structured with one for new players, general chat and more specific match betting events such as the World Cup

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Make money with this popular horse racing tipster service that focuses on each way value bets. A forum for discussing absolutely anything. Last post: Matt. 2 weeks, 1 day ago; 2, . Jun 22,  · Hi I'm desperate to make some money and have been told to try Matched Betting, but I don't understand it at all and I can't fathom how betting can guarantee you win. . Oct 21,  · The student money website for everything student finance. Get the latest student discounts, student jobs, make money ideas and more. Make money from .