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Glowstringing basics of investing

Note that is not a sufficient preparation in probability. Also note that is a prerequisite for and that is recommended for Students minoring in Computational Finance are strongly encouraged to take one or two economics course, e. Building from core coursework, students can tailor their elective coursework, with intensive guidance from program advisors, to integrate appropriate electives from a wide range of possible courses to develop a coherent course of study with appropriate depth and breadth.

Additional Major in Environmental and Sustainability Studies The additional major is designed to allow students from any college at CMU to build on the depth of their primary major and address the breadth of intrinsically interdisciplinary issues associated with the environment and sustainability. There is no application process for the program in Environmental and Sustainability Studies, however a student must declare the Minor or Additional Major by contacting the Advisor or Program Director of the Environmental and Sustainability Studies program.

The Additional Major combines natural science, social science, and humanistic studies. These are co-equal. How Earth functions as a system is fundamental: key topics include climate, ecosystems, environmental chemistry the behavior of molecules within the environment and energy systems. Human interactions with the environment, and so the details of how cultural, political, and social systems function, are critical to understand, with an emphasis on sustainability and the environment.

Issues of ethics, equity, and justice, situated in historical context, are vital to a full and complex understanding with a goal of equitable and appropriate solutions to environmental crises. Both genders, obviously. His famous move was later copied during a talent show MC skit and many other times through the session.

This great performance included heterosexual grinding, perfectly in time ass-slapping, and sexy booty-shaking, all thrown together in a couple of hours before water day. The song "Single Ladies" was played during the next two dances and the same group would perform their choreographed work of sexiness in the middle of the dance floor. Talent Show Glowsticking As per custom, glowsticking this year was not mentioned at the end of program.

After the final act, RA Dan Bell got up to announced the end of the talent show, while nevermore Sonya Wang attempted to shush him. RA Dan fell, seemingly unconscious, and the ravers carried him away before taking over the show. RA Geoff, being the boss that he is, caught several kids on the first floor making their way up to the third where the ISO was happening. Geoff told them, "I'll pretend I didn't see that. Try again. RA Jeqhari also known as RA Jaquay-quay was rumoured to have busted a couple kids while they were hiding in the shower.

RA Dan J was confirmed by multiple people to have occasionally walked in unannounced, say, "Guys, Kenny wants me to check if you are having an ISO" before walking out. He was also reported to have walked in unannounced, with a water gun, squirt several people, and walk back out. Pictures were posted on Facebook, which was subsequently picked up on by the girls in Howe-Rounds. However, as there had been a last-minute change to the nevermore pages, Empress Octavia Fitzmaurice, nevermore Christine Lee, twomore Qing Woon, and several onemores Michelle DeSa and future Empress Charlotte Keeley , needed to commence the frantic restapling six hours before Passionfruit, and they were permitted to stay.

The stapling party involved several people coming-and-going to help out. Upon hearing about the man ISO, however, several occupants of the room decided to have a similar one. After rounding up as many people as possible in Howe-Rounds 2 including the majority of RA Tricia's hall , the ISO was at its peak of 25 people in the aforementioned double.

However, by this time, the RAs were suspecting the ISO and attempting to bust it, deliberately parking themselves in the hallways and lounge RA Jamie had earlier chased nevermore Sonya Wang down the hall with a water gun after she returned some melted ice cream to the freezer.

During this time, as many as eight people were stashed under a bed, before several girls were smuggled out into adjacent singles on RA Nikki's hall, as the gravity of cramming 4 people in a single was considerably less than cramming 25 into a double. A few hours before Passionfruit, Empresses Danielle Gutman and Octavia Fitzmaurice went to a room across the hall to finish their speeches. Several girls entered the room a few minutes later, saying they had come from a bathroom down the hall where they'd been hiding out for two hours.

Two girls were found in a bathroom stall, too afraid to return to their hall. The half-hour before passionfruit was spent by RA Tricia desperately trying to track down her hall. We apologize for any inconvenience, RA Tricia. Eric Chen Losing ID Cards at the Dance As done for every dance, campers whose "lost" ID cards are found by staff during the dance are called up to retrieve their cards at the end of the night. The man with the most famous name at the camp, Emperor Eric Chen, would famously "lose" his ID cards every dance and have his name called out.

However, this legendary man with a legendary name did not just lose one card, but lost more and more cards every dance until his name was called out 14 times the final dance. No one knows how Eric managed to get these 14 ID cards, but no matter how he did it, getting the staff to say "erection" 14 times is truly legendary. Broken Token Machine What it says above. During the second town trip, CTYers spammed the token machine to the carousel so much that it broke down internally sobbing and the carousel people had to accept dollar bills.

The students looked promising in the soccer game, but numerous brilliant saves by staff goalkeeper Shawn Lupoli, in addition to some uncalled handballs sealed the students defeat. Broken Speakers For unknown reasons, speakers used in the dances malfunctioned and would occasionally play softly. The problem was usually resolved within a few minutes and epic CTY music would resume playing at normal volume.

The staff had won the Ultimate Frisbee Game the week before, so the students were determined to show the staff that they could win. The game started at pm, and in the first half, squirrel Ethan Tu scored the first goal. Later, RA Charly? The score was 1 - 1, and after half an hour of overtime, the score was still tied.

Therefore, the game proceeded to shoot-outs. By this time, students who weren't signed up for Soccer Watching were led to South Field to wait for the game to end and go to their weekly activities. However, the game didn't end until it was time for dinner. The shoot-outs started at about pm, and Tom, the awesome One-Hit Wonder and first cousin of Jon Good, was consistently blocking the Staff's shots. After that, before Tom took his place inside the goal, one of the boys in the crowd either licked his forehead or kissed it with great affection.

Tom always wiped his forehead with a big smile on his face. The shoot-outs continued for about 45 minutes until SRA Kenny announced that they would play over-over time until either side made a goal. After the game ended, the RA's announced that there would be no weekly's, and everyone ran into the field and hugged a sweaty Tom.

A few boys picked up him up and carried him on their shoulders. Finally, everyone went to dinner. Stolen Chair Traditionally, Nevermores steal white plates from the dining hall and get them signed. However after dinner on the last Thursday of camp, right before the dance, two kids who would like their identities to remain a secret, at least for now took a chair from the dining hall atrium that they planned to get signed. They made it down the first set of steps to Wilmarth with the well-camouflaged chair when an RA spotted them and asked where they got it from.

When one of them replied, "the dining hall," he merely told them to put it back. This was one of the biggest and most impressive almost-thefts yet. It should also be noted that both kids were planning to return the signed? The Saratoga Communist Party One lovely day after lunch around the middle of the session, the much-beloved Isaac Wong was ambling about the quad, when suddenly, about fifteen of his classmates began to bow down simultaneously at his feet while chanting "All hail Chairman Wong!

Unfortunately, Isaac was unable to return to Skidmore the following year, but he retained an intensely loyal following. Feel free to edit if you have any more information Twerking Session s : Although RA James was vehemently opposed to twerking, meaning that it only could occur at brief intervals on the quad, twerking gained some notoriety at the dances - in the center of major circles, Morgan would run in for a few seconds, twerk, be greeted by wild cheers, and run out again.

He was never caught, although the intensity of the twerking increased at every dance. Even if he had been caught, no RA could've ever stopped Morgan from rocking the booty everywhere. At the last dance, when they played Baby Got Back C'mon, they were asking for it , he twerked it all over the place. And finally, at the end, when "lost" lanyards were handed back, a number of CTYers started a chant asking Morgan to twerk- he duly complied, and thus twerked in front of the entire camp.

Reportedly, RAs were not horrified, as expected, but had expressions of being impressed. The position of Spontaneous Twerker was passed on to AV for As of For some reason it's happened in the middle of the presentation for the past two years. Since the door was locked when all the campers got there, they started to turn away when, graciously, Byron's roommate Mike opened the door for them. This resulted in over 20 half naked boys running into Byron's room, taking all of his stuff and putting them in various places around Wilmarth.

Notable things taken were: iPad, Ramen. Later, some of the boys helped Byron find his things. He was especially surprised to find his iPad in the freezer Duncan Freeman is a cheeky boy. Improper Raving Music It was decided that only two raving songs would be played during the dances, instead of the three that ravers were used to.

The songs were Sandstorm and Ravers Fantasy, and as these were the only two, Ravers Fantasy was no longer a nevermore-only song. Confused or indignant, ravers continued right into the next song, even despite the genre contrast. This resulted in raving to We Are Young by Fun.

While these songs weren't made for raving, it was neat and no one seemed to mind. Also, there was a glorious buzzsaw orgy at the end of both songs. Like a grass orgy, but vaguely more uncomfortable with more spinning things and brighter. Looking onto a surprised audience Kevin sat in center stage with a guitar and said, "Hey guys. I took this little-known song that none of you have ever heard of and changed the lyrics to make it about CTY.

I hope you guys like it". Talent Show Glowsticking As is tradition, the final glowsticking performance wasn't put on the Talent Show program. So after the last act on the program, SRA Kenny took hold of the stage and began concluding the show. Nevermores Aric Zhu and Joseph Chavez also joined in on the epicness. During the song Technicolor by Madeon , Kristen and Aric did a back-to-back buzzsaw up the stairs while Griffin and Gaynor did the same on the other end.

Joe and Ryan held the fort and rocked it onstage. Griffin and Gaynor also managed a back-to-back three-beat, which was incredible. During a choreographed part, Ryan, Joe, and Griffin began performing constant orbitals while Aric, Gaynor, and Kristen did Sam Stansell butterflies behind them which looked like hypnotic circles.

John kept all the ID's stacked in his pocket. As the night went on, the stack grew, last known, John carried 61 ID's on him. When the RA's had to call out each individual's name to get their card, everyone cheered and clapped- even previous emperor Eric Chen's cards found their way into that large stack of ID's.

Before the dance began, the emperors dedicated this song Kenny, the SRA. During the chorus of the song, Aidan Terhune went on his knees as he performed his trumpet solo. Staff Trifecta For the Second Year in a Row Like the previous year, the students were trifecta'd by the staff once again in The staff first tied against the students in a game of soccer; this was followed by a penalty shootout that went to sudden death, which the staff won.

They then secured a dominating victory in basketball, with a final score of , and defeated the students again in ultimate frisbee, which they won Their gorgeously choreographed dance included some hip rotations, mid-chorus thrusts, and some actual surfboarding as Aidan Terhune was the guest star who acted as the surfboard as Jonathan Drougas stood on his back. In his Passionfruit speech, Nick Liao passed on this dance to his fellow one-mores and friends, hoping Surfboard could make it to future sessions.

He is best known at Skidmore as the representative who was sent to formally expel the Skidmore Eleven in When it was discovered that Mike Chin would be attending the final dance, a plan was devised by the older students to hide the Nevermore and Nomore couples in the center of a large group during the slow dance songs in order to give them more privacy away from Mike Chin. However, this plan was not executed correctly and Mike Chin could be seen on the edge of the sea of dancing couples, staring down anyone he felt was getting too close.

Mike Chin also managed to ruin Last Thusday Night. Despite this, one was attempted in Wilmarth by D'Jamuel and Byron. It failed however, due to the fact that Mike Chin himself came to Wilmarth and forced the ISO's participants to scatter. He then wandered around for a while and fell asleep in the Wilmarth 2 lounge to the lullaby of terrified RAs and furious Nevermores and Nomores that he had created.

There they discovered a new move: The Gaynor. Named after it's accidental inventor Gaynor Norcott, The Gaynor consists of a three-beat done on the knees while bending back as far as possible. This moves puts a lot of strain on the back, making the real challenge of The Gaynor that of getting as close to the ground as possible without losing your ability to breathe. The Gaynor was used in the weekly Ravers Circles at dances and also made an appearence in the the Glowsticking Talent Show act.

They managed to do this in about forty-five minutes. No one is sure how they managed to do it so quickly and efficiently. Each plate was dedicated to a member of their hall, and each one listed why they loved them, what they admired about them, and what they were going to miss about them.

Soon after, the hall woke up to the lovely surprise- and after all the hugging, thank yous, and admiration, the feasting brought back from the Farmers Market began just in time. A while after the session ended, this beautiful act of love became known as The Plates of Destiny. It went to show that for the love of CTY and its people, anything can happen. Naomi suggested they prepare the plates that Sunday night and display them on Monday morning, because they were short on time and lacked supplies, but still wanted to surprise their hall.

Dheivanai, Emily, Tal, and Naomi worked until 2 AM to finish the plates for each member of their hall and more. They promptly woke up at 6, and with a whopping 4 hours of sleep, they strung these plates and colorful paper lanterns around the common room.

SAR This year, the plates were bigger, brighter, and more colorful then last year's plates had been- and they were dedicated to people outside of their hall as well. It was a great success. Naomi, Tal, Emily, and Dhevanai hope that their hall tradition will continue in Onemore and future empress Dheivanai Moorthy and future Doctor Celine Khoo, worked on the plates with the other girls in their halls names??? Their hard work resulted in beautiful plates seen the morning after hung from the ceilings with string possibly stolen from the Main Office.

She planned for all of Howe-Rounds to have fun creating and sharing plates this session, and went straight to work the day and night immediately after RASK in finding people from each of the 14 halls living in the dorms to make the joyful plates and continue the tradition she had started out of random kindness four years earlier. She knew that with the abundant amount of squirrels this session, with many who were unsure of returning, the tradition must live on to show how the magical tradition of kindness and appreciation of others lives through something as beautiful as CTY.

Blammo Goddess Maeve Brammer, D's roommate, tirelessly ran around all day trying to find girls to keep the tradition a surprise, and having girls sign each others' plates with brightly colored sharpies and happy messages along with wraps of twine to hang from the ceilings. Dheivanai, running with only about two hours of sleep, checked at around 2 AM to make sure every hall coordinated and received plates by the next morning.

By 7 AM, all of the plates were hung up and the kind messages were seen hanging from every hall, successful once again. The tradition had been given certain twists- for example, Elena Vietri and Enyo Adoboe had all of their hall sit together and sign the plates instead of ISOing; and Doctor Celine Khoo was creative enough to hang her plates from the wall so that others can sign them as they passed by: ideas that might work great in the future!

Regardless of how they have changed, the message of kindness, warmth, and acceptance that Dheivanai hoped to foster with magnanimity many years ago lives on through all of Howe-Rounds. The tradition is yet to be determined how it shall be passed on! Squirrel Eating a Pizza One day on their way to the library the International Politics class spotted a squirrel eating a piece of pizza.

From that point forward, the class' catchphrase was "squirrel, eating a pizza! Locked study room Directly before the second dance, the students at RA Paul's Hall Wilmarth 2 were told to meet outside his dorm room. After the students were counted, Paul found that the door of a locked study room directly down the hallway was rattling as if someone was locked in it, despite that the doors are known to only be able to be locked from the inside, and the lights were out in the room as judged from the crack under the door.

Paul and the students made several attempts on communicating with whatever was trapped inside Including one in morse code but they got no response save for the rattling door. Paul decided to "Let it go," as all the students were present and whatever was in there was not a CTYer As CTYers, unlike Rinas, are reported to be able to open locked doors from the inside, despite for the frequent lockouts.

The rattling was not observed after the dance. Who or what it was is not known, and the door remained locked as of the end of the session, but it was a genuinely unsettling and creepy experience. Birthday Badasses In the summer of , two girls, Samantha Worobey and Sidney Sponer, became legendary when they pulled a series of pranks and various badassery for their birthdays. On the morning of August 6th, the entire Howe-Rounds building woke up to lotion on all the doorknobs, faucets, and even staircase, as well as dicks drawn on every whiteboard.

This led to an investigation led by SRA Gina. The following night, the night of the Dave Rave, the entirety of Howe-Rounds was asked to stay at the dance for Dave to lecture them. However, the administration, RAs, and the majority of the camp never got wind of who it was.

Only two days later on August 8th, Sam's 17th birthday and the last day of the session, did the girls commit another act of badassery. Sam Worobey, who was over legally, knew they had no other choice then, but to go out the window.

At two in the morning on August 8th, the girls jumped out of their two story window into a first floor room. The girls were caught going back up to their room at 4, but since it was time for Passionfruit, the RAs could do nothing but stare in awe as the girls slowly ripped open the tape to get back in their room. The RAs never caught the girls for any of their badassery, but the camp will forever remember Sam Worobey's and Sidney Sponer's badassery and wonder how they pulled this off.

They smashed the previous unofficial record by fitting a whopping 21 people into the booth, which included the following: Dheivanai "D.

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Video bitcoin mining RA's immediately sought out to find the student that was responsible for this. Jay was once described by the father of a tiny nomore as "an extremely attractive young Asian male," and this is obviously true. The a in Sam was stretched outrageously, and the word "Stansell" was pronounced with an aura of exaggerated satisfaction. Thugs were peppered throughout, mak- ing fights as entertaining and commonplace as the dancing. They made it down the first set of steps to Wilmarth with the well-camouflaged chair when an Glowstringing basics of investing spotted them and asked where they got it from. He flung off his jacket, which promptly landed in a nearby puddle of wheatpaste, and raised up his shirt to proudly display the mosaic of jagged scars across his chest. So Billy is constantly checking on all his locations in Harlem, fixing them up, replacing damaged posters or even redoing entire boards.
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Glowstringing basics of investing Inspiration, it seemed, was everywhere. Additional Major in Environmental and Sustainability Studies The additional major is designed to allow students from any college at CMU to investing on the depth of their primary major and address the breadth of intrinsically interdisciplinary issues associated with the environment and sustainability. Over the first couple hours of the night, people gradually poured in, reaching a peak of what is believed to have been 32 people, including one person who participated in the entire CTY program record of 37 people at See more. I missed SAR : who honored the camp with his presence during Session 1 It would be a shame to have to glowstringing you. The commotion cumulated in everyone forming a semicircle around SRA Phil and other authorities outside basics Howe-Rounds.
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