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Ufc 171 betting preview

Diaz and Ferguson both weighed in successfully at the welterweight limit of lbs. Diaz is currently on a two-fight losing skid and his final fight in his UFC contract, meanwhile Ferguson is riding a four-fight losing steak, so both competitors will be eager to look to have their hands raised after all the action. The main event is going to be a slugfest from the first strike thrown to the ring of the bell of the fifth round.

It is important to note that Nate Diaz has been fighting at welterweight since and has a record of in the weight class. Diaz will rely on his cardio and toughness, along with his inside the octagon antics to edge out a victory. Ferguson has an impressive record of at lbs.

Ferguson was originally scheduled for a three-round affair with Li Jingliang. Bermudez has found himself in bad positions again multiple fighters, and none of them are as dangerous as Hettes on the ground. Alex Garcia has an insane hype train right now, and while it is mostly deserved there are still some areas of his game that he needs to improve.

The biggest one is cardio, and if Sean Spencer can survive the first round he can definitely test that aspect. Even if it stays on the feet, Garcia has big power and nice technique, so he could even dispatch Spencer there. I actually lean a bit towards Renee Forte against the debuting Frank Trevino. Trevino is dropping down from to for the first time to make his UFC debut here, and is taking a big step up in competition with Forte.

Even at the best of times Trevino is little more than a decent Muay Thai striker with solid takedown defense, but I actually think Forte can match him on the feet. First he gets matched up with uber-prospect Sergio Pettis, and now he gets just as highly touted Justin Scoggins. He gets a similar style matchup in this fight, and I think the fight plays out about the same.

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Like Hendricks, Woodley could employ the same strategy he did against Condit - take him down, wrestle, do it all over again. The problem is that Condit still nearly won the fight against Hendricks and the New Mexico native has one of the most damaging guard games in the business.

Condit loves to throw elbows from the bottom and he's constantly moving and shifting his hips, while also possessing an underrated jiu-jitsu game. If this fight stays standing, where Condit excels is from the distance with long range punches, a nasty variation of kicks, and an explosive jumping knee that opponents rarely see coming until it's already too late.

Condit's 35 percent takedown defense is troubling, and it's cost him wins in two out of his last three fights, so he has to be wary of Woodley going for the same kind of win. Still, Condit has been here before and he knows what's at stake. He just needs to stay away from the constant ground attacks if Woodley chooses to go that route, and if the fight is on the feet, Condit will eventually do the damage necessary to put this one away. Condit has a ridiculous finishing rate, putting away 27 out of 29 opponents, and Woodley could very well be No.

Jury remains unbeaten in his professional career and lately he's looked better and better with each performance, while Sanchez is coming off a Fight of the Year candidate against Gilbert Melendez. It's not an insult to Sanchez's style - if anything it's a compliment - because he has a way to always get fighters to throw down with him in a melee that usually results in some blood, sweat and a bonus check when the night is over.

Jury's advantage is that his wrestling - with near 65 percent accuracy - can nullify Sanchez's wild and crazy attacks. It's not going to be easy and it certainly won't be pretty, but it gets the job done. The last thing Jury can do is just stand on the outside and wing punches with Sanchez because that's like walking into the lion's den with a big juicy steak in each hand.

Jury's striking defense - at almost 78 percent - also bodes well for him against Sanchez, who only lands at 36 percent accuracy. Jury needs to pace himself and fight smart. If he does that while frustrating Sanchez with takedowns and avoiding the temptation to get into a slugfest with the former Ultimate Fighter winner, by the end of the third round Jury should come away with a victory.

If you watch the fight Lombard had against Yushin Okami , this could prove to be the blueprint to success for Shields to do the same exact thing against the Cuban fighter. Shields just needs to use Lombard's aggressiveness against him, because as he rushes in looking for a blitzing combination of strikes it also leaves him exposed to the takedown.

Shields has been facing a litany of tough fighters to get to the ground lately, and while Lombard has exuded 75 percent takedown defense, it's his step forward first style that could land him on his back in this fight. Shields absolutely cannot stand on the outside and allow Lombard to move in without the threat of a takedown. Lombard can end this fight with one punch and the fact is that Shields cannot do the same thing back to him. Lombard knows that Shields wants this fight on the ground, however, so this could play a role in how he chooses to dart in with punches.

Lombard didn't seem to fear the takedown much in his last fight against Nate Marquardt , but he certainly needs to keep that in the back of his mind against Shields. Shields has to attack the legs and body of Lombard each and every time he tries to attack.

Actually face to face with it. Both guys are brawlers and can knock you out, both can grapple, but I think Hendricks has a slight edge in both categories. Plus with his conditioning and being the only guy to push St.

Pierre to the edge, I think Hendricks will claim the title he was meant to claim in November. And Lawler is very capable of doing that but the problem is, Hendricks has never been knocked out. So then you wonder, can Lawler make it all 5 rounds and win or lose a decision? Hendricks proved he had gas in the tank for a 5 round battle against St.

Hendricks submits Lawler, Which is not going to happen. Hendricks has 1 submission victory in his career which ironically happened 6 years ago today. Lawler wins outright somehow Lawler has knockout power and if he catches Hendricks with that punch, it could be over. This is more likely then the other to options. I feel like Hendricks will win this fight and the odds back that up. I also feel like Hendricks will finish it before the 5th round and the odds back that up.

Yes Condit has lost 2 of his last 3 fights. But they were both decisions. And both were 5 round Fight of the Night battles. Condit was the Interim Welterweight Champion while St.

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