sbi prepaid forex card hdfc
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Sbi prepaid forex card hdfc btc blockcypher

Sbi prepaid forex card hdfc

All banks issue Forex travel cards at a meager rate ranging between Rs. A fee for currency conversion is always included in the price. No additional fee is charged on the purchase at stores and shops. Money can be withdrawn from any ATM worldwide; however, you need to pay international transaction charges. Check for the activation time of your card. Always check the daily limit of your card and check if it is suitable as per your requirements. FAQs 1. Will Forex Card comes with insurance? Yes, mostly Forex cards cove with an insurance cover; however, it is recommended to check the same with the card issuer before taking a card.

How to cancel a Forex card? You can easily cancel a Forex card by submitting a cancellation request to the card issuer. When can I buy a Forex Card before my foreign trip? You can buy a Forex card 60 days before a foreign trip. What action needs to be taken if my card is lost overseas? You need to immediately contact on helpline number and ask them to block the card. Also, you need to file a police complaint. Please note that there will be an additional cost if the point of sale transaction or ATM withdrawal is in a currency other than the currencies on the card, or if more than one currency on your card is used to pay for the transaction.

Please refer to the Fees and Limits Table for further information in the fees and limits section of this website or in the Terms and Conditions. There are a number of countries where the use of State Bank Foreign Travel Card is currently prohibited. If you attempt to withdraw cash from a cash machine, or use your Card at shops, restaurants, hotels and online in any of these countries, your request will be declined and the reason given as 'Decline, prohibited country'.

We are very aware of the threat and concerns you have regarding such issues, which is why fraud prevention is of paramount importance to us. We know our customers. Every day we monitor transactions on our Cards, to detect unusual behaviour and if we spot something uncharacteristic, we'll contact you to verify your transactions.

Be very alert when using ATMs, and ensure that: The machine has not been tampered with Nobody can watch you entering your PIN Card and cash are concealed and safe before you leave the machine You retain any printed records for safe disposal at a later time If your Card is retained, contact Card Services immediately for assistance Counterfeit Fraud Always keep your Card in sight when making a purchase or it may get skimmed.

This can happen at petrol stations, restaurants, bars and at ATMs. Skimmed card information is often sold on to organised crime groups. Make sure that you're using a secure browser. A secure browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox will indicate whether the website you are visiting is secure or not.

Ensuring that your computer has up-to-date virus protection and a firewall will help protect you from attacks. Phishing attempts usually appear as an email apparently from your bank or card issuer. Within the email, you are then encouraged to click on a link to a fraudulent log-in page, designed to capture your details. We may contact you by email, but we will NEVER ask you to click on a link that directs you to enter or confirm your security details.

If you are in any doubt about the authenticity of an email appearing to be from us, telephone Card Services immediately.

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