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Crypto curency candlesticks

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Candlestick trading provides a different way of trading which focuses on taking data from previous market cycles to predict how an asset will trade in the future. The most visible part of a single candlestick is its body, either filled in green or red. The body represents the price range between the opening and closing prices over a specific timeframe which traders can configure.

When the closing price of a candle is higher than its opening price, the price of an asset increases and the green color of the candlestick visually highlights it. Green candles are also referred to as bullish candles. When bullish, they are optimistic about the future of an asset and see its direction move up. The opposite of bullish is bearish. In particular, the so-called Doji candles stand out.

Traders can easily spot them due to their small bodies and long wicks. They come in three different categories: Long-legged: with the upper and lower wick roughly equally long, indicates that the market is experiencing a lot of uncertainty Gravestone: as the name suggests, the gravestone has a big top wick and expresses that a high price was rejected and emotions toward the asset were negative during the session Dragonfly: is a sign of a session-long bear run that ended with a comeback to the starting price.

Looking beyond single candles, there are various patterns that candlesticks can form, from very basic to more advanced formations. Every pattern consists of a combination of candlesticks that hint at price developments and if the market is bearish or bullish. To speak of a pattern, one must evaluate at least two candles; experienced traders will rely on more than these to get to a conclusive analysis. The more data, the clearer the picture becomes.

How to spot patterns in crypto charts? Overall, recognizing a broader trend can often be achieved with a simple look at the charts and an estimate of where prices are headed. Yet, there are levels of depth one can go into when analyzing charts. Support and resistance are critical price levels to watch out for when trying to spot candlestick patterns. Both cover broader chart areas. Support is the price that holds the downward market movements during a given period. Check out our market rundowns for an analysis of the latest market movements.

Both are price levels at which markets bounce off. These are also good points to start looking for candlestick patterns. How to understand these types of charts? Analyzing charts, traders can crystallize trends.

Upward trend We speak of an upward trend whenever an asset is trading upwards, with its price consistently increasing over a longer timeframe. This applies even when there are a variety of red candles spread throughout it. The chart shows a bullish market as long as the overall direction is upwards. Consolidation trends During consolidation, the asset trades in a range without clearly indicating where the price will go. This can occur within either upward or downward trends. Determining the end of a trend goes beyond just looking at candlestick charts and often will require taking into account indicators such as moving averages.

Beyond that, there are a variety of factors to consider. Important factors to consider Traders can pick the timeframe that fits their strategy when looking at charts. An hour or less might be appropriate for intraday trading but not long-term investments. Higher timeframes often provide a more accurate price prediction. Lastly, in crypto, in particular, volatility is expected, and occasionally markets will move outside of candlestick patterns based on news or rumors.

The most common types of candlestick patterns in crypto charts After identifying the broader price trends, the next step is looking for candlestick patterns in crypto charts. Traders will come across a variety of different patterns providing valuable insights. This part covers some of the most common candlestick patterns in crypto charts.

Bullish and bearish engulfing The bullish or bearish engulfing consists of 2 candlesticks. When a red candle is followed by a bullish candle that completely engulfs the previous candle, we speak of a bullish engulfing. Bearish engulfing describes the opposite pattern. This pattern shows that sentiment is about to change and that an asset is set to experience a bullish or bearish movement.

People are selling and the price has dropped. The point where the lower wick meets the body is the closing price, while the point where the upper wick meets the body is the opening price. The story of a candlestick While candlesticks may appear to be completely analytical in nature, they actually convey a complex story that is constantly evolving through contributions of market participants. The implications are profound. Here are some scenarios that you might come across.

Should you change to a bullish bias? A single hour of price action is usually not enough to change biases. Should you exit your position? When would be a good time to enter a long position? Remember, catching a falling knife is dangerous for investors and deadly for traders.

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Dec 20,  · Being able to read a candlestick chart is one of the most valuable skills you can have as a trader. Candlestick patterns are widely used to represent trading prices in the . Aug 26,  · As discussed in our previous article about how to read a crypto chart, the candlestick indicates the price movement of a crypto asset over a specific time period. In . Oct 19,  · Shooting star. The shooting star pinpoints the peak of a trend after an asset has been trading in an uptrend for a longer time. It’s composed of a candlestick with a tiny lower .