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Saidnaya Soufanieh Marian apparition in a suburb of Damascus Maaloula , one of the last three places in the world along with Al-Sarkha Bakhah and Jubb'adin where Western Aramaic, the dialect of Jesus Christ, is still spoken. Monastery of Saint Moses the Abyssinian , hosts precious frescoes dating to the 11th and 12th century, and recent discoveries suggest that the ruins may date back 10 years. Umayyad Mosque , formerly a church, is said to contain to this day the head of John the Baptist.

In , Pope John Paul II visited the mosque and became the first pope ever to set foot in a mosque. It also displays many other ancient items like crosses, writings, books, carvings, goblets, and other tools. Saint George is a popular saint among Middle Eastern Christians , and the monastery is busiest during pilgrimages at the feast of Saint George May 6 and the feast of the elevation of the Holy Cross on September President, the Order of Malta, has been helping the Ukrainian population.

Did you expect Russian aggression? At the same time, we started to take an active role from the very beginning. So far, we have organized assistance points at the border; we are helping to accept refugees, we are transferring large pallets of gifts directly to Ukraine, financed both by Poland and from abroad.

These are short-term things. At the same time, we will adopt some systemic solutions to support those who take in refugees in their homes, sometimes with an incredible financial and psychological burden. Imagine the situation of people who have taken in, for example, a mother with two or three children. They try to create an everyday life for them, despite the stress and significant trauma of those they are helping.

These hosts, often very generous, have their limitations, so we plan to come to their aid by offering something more. We assume that these will be, for example, day centers. Depending on the needs, these centers may also have a different profile. Day centers for children and their mothers would be an essential support point for Ukrainian women. It is crucial not to go through this bad time alone.

Even if refugees are cared for by their hosts, it is hard for them. We know that a language problem is also revealed in contacts with refugees. We want the presence of Ukrainian mothers at daycare centers to be a critical human stabilizing element. It is also vital to create an environment for children where they can play and talk with their peers in their native language.

This would be your new profile? We run a care and treatment hospital in Barczewo, mainly for the elderly. We run occupational therapy workshops for the handicapped or a specialist kindergarten in another center. In short, Maltese Aid Centres will have different profiles; sometimes they will focus more on psychological assistance, sometimes on medical assistance, sometimes on some educational needs.

We try to act in a complementary way. Does the act open new areas of activity for aid organizations? We will see on what scale the state will provide for medical and educational needs through local governments and what gap remains to be filled by NGOs aid organizations, including the Order of Malta.

If it turns out that the state medical service will be available for free and effective, then the medical profile of our aid will not be the most important. But it may turn out that this service offered for free will not necessarily be effective. We plan then to provide the support for our Maltese Medical Service. The same applies to psychological care. We will establish the conditions of cooperation with them. On the one hand, there is a lot of enthusiasm, and many people are working for free, but on the other hand, we have to consider the need to provide long-term assistance to refugees.

It is challenging to expect psychologists to work voluntarily for the next six months. We will look for flexible solutions to provide permanent help to refugees. We know that the Benelux countries, Italy and Germany, are very open to receiving Ukrainian citizens.

However, the vast majority of Ukrainians want to stay in Poland because they ho pe to return home soon; they want to be close. We must remember that these people have specific experiences and visions for the future. Each of them needs to be approached individually.

Regardless of the preparation of a specific place, some of this group wanted to go further, so we bought them tickets for a further journey. You cannot impose your own vision on them. What does this mean in the present situation? As an Order, we support those in need regardless of their convictions, skin color or religious belief.

We support everyone. This is the case, for example, in our Maltese maternity hospital in Bethlehem, in a very difficult land, a land of many wars and many sufferings. It is the same now in Poland. We help people. After all, they are human beings because they suffer.

In this interview for KAI, he talks about the assistance given by the Malta volunteers from Poland and the whole world. How did you react to the outbreak of war? It started with phone calls to friends, to their families in Ukraine. We became aware of their needs and suggested that they bring their children and mothers to a safe place, to Poland.

This psychological support was of great importance for them during the first shocking hours caused by the outbreak of war. Then a mass mobilization took place, volunteers on both sides of the border started to work immediately by identifying needs, collecting gifts, and organizing aid transports. In Ukraine, there is the Maltese Aid Service, which was established 25 years ago.

But we found closer contacts during the Euromaidan in Our ambulance with the sign of the Maltese cross was one of the first to cross the border to help those injured in the fighting. We provided on-the-spot assistance and transported injured civilians to Polish hospitals. Then we saw that it was necessary to train volunteers in first aid and medical first aid rescue.

Within eight years, we created 12 volunteer centers of the Maltese Aid Service. You can get a warm meal there and get professional medical assistance. We bring humanitarian aid, medicines, food, necessary things to this point, distributed to specific places in Ukraine. Today the real knights are those who travel in transports to Ukraine.

We all know how dangerous this is. At any moment, bombs can fall on the supply routes. Today, anyone who risks his own life to help others is a true knight. The Ukrainian diaspora, the economic emigrants, have actively participated in the work of our volunteers.

Englishmen, Frenchmen, Italians, Belgians also come with gifts. However, we act professionally, so first, we must register everyone and verify their qualifications with the Chambers of Physicians or Nurses. We are currently building a database of doctors, nurses, and members of other professions who will be invited to provide focused assistance later. We have to reckon with the fact that there may come wounded people who will require hospital care or immediate surgery. I have even received e-mails from doctors in the USA.

In Poland, we work in two structures: the first one is Maltese Aid, which is the humanitarian department, and the second one is the Maltese Medical Service, which is the medical department. I am responsible for the whole operation. We coordinate all our relief activities with the government, local authorities, and health centers. This ensures that the activities of the Maltese are practical.

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