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Betting on ky derby

Thats it! For more advanced players, you can place your bet in the racebook. There you have the option of exotic wagers such as Exactas, Trifectas and all the advanced wagers you can find at the racetrack. In the BUSR Sportsbook, you can bet on Match Races and other props: horse vs horse bets, winning time of the race, color of the jockey jersey and so much more. You will also find all kinds of bets including Future Wagers where you can bet the Kentucky Derby weeks, if not months, in advance.

Where can I Watch the Kentucky Derby? You can watch the live coverage starting at p. What are the odds for the Kentucky Derby today? Visit Kentucky Derby Odds to get the most current odds that are updated all day long and the most trusted source for odds. How does it work? Vertical Exotic Bets Vertical exotic bets are tricky. On the surface, the concept is simple, but the execution of placing a winning bet can be difficult. The odds, however, are long, which gives bettors a chance to pick up a sizable payout on a smaller bet.

These bets are tied to the exact order that specific horses will finish. Exacta Bettors must pick the Top-2 horses in order to win. Trifecta Players have to pick the Top-3 horses in order correctly to win. Superfecta This is the same as a trifecta bet, however it extends to correctly picking the Top-4 horses in order.

Super High Five This is a wildly difficult prop to hit, but the payout could be enormous relative to the wager. For this bet to win, a player would need to select the Top-5 finishers in order. Horizontal Exotic Bets Horizontal exotic bets are similar to a parlay bet in legal online sports betting, as opposed to vertical exotic bets, which are more in line with a same game parlay.

As such, horizontal exotic bets must be placed across a number of separate races. Tying multiple bets together allows bettors to place a single wager with longer odds as opposed to placing separate bets. Donerail holds the all-time record as the longest shot to win the Kentucky Derby, doing so at odds in Since then, Country House won the race at odds three years ago.

Mine That Bird and Giacomo also won the race at odds in and , respectively. One horse that many pundits believe has a legitimate shot to win the race is Messier at odds.

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The emergence of online betting has also enabled bettors to get the best value on their selections. A number of the leading racebooks offer ante-post Kentucky Derby betting markets. This means that bets can be placed on the race up to a year before the final declarations have been made. Bettors can also find the latest information regarding the horses involved in the Kentucky Derby, as the leading racebooks will show the relevant jockey, trainer, and owner information and the latest form of all the runners.

Learning how to bet on the Kentucky Derby means understanding the markets that are available to you. Some of the markets are very straightforward to understand, while others may need some extra information. Below, you can learn all about the most popular ways of how to bet on the Kentucky Derby. Win Betting The most popular way to make a bet on the Kentucky Derby can be found in the win betting market.

Here, you will place a wager on the horse that you think will win the race, and returns are awarded should your selection be crowned winner of the Kentucky Derby. The odds that you make your wager on will determine the returns.

Place Betting Place betting covers the first two positions in the race. Therefore, you will get returns should your selection finish first or second. However, the returns will be significantly smaller should the selected horse finish second. Offshore sportsbooks will typically offer a number of places when it comes to place betting, and due to the field size for the Kentucky Derby, many customers could get up to four places.

Show Betting Show betting is most common on North American sportsbooks and covers the first three places in the race. Like the place betting market, returns will be slightly lower should your selection finish third and not first.

However, it is an interesting market to make a wager on should you fancy the chances of an outsider, and significant returns could be returned on bigger-priced selections. To land the Exacta, you will need to select the first and second horses in the Kentucky Derby in the correct finishing order.

Meanwhile, to win the Trifecta bet, you will need to predict the horses that finish first, second and third in the correct order. In order to get returns on this market, bettors must do comprehensive research and examine how a race could play out and what race styles could excel at Churchill Downs. Multiple Betting A popular wager across the big two days at Churchill Downs is a parlay. This is typically done in the form of a double, as bettors try and predict the winners of both the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby.

However, to get returns on this wager, both selections must be winners. If one selection lets you down, then your stake is lost. But, it can be a profitable form of wagering should you have completed extensive research across both races. Want to learn more about Kentucky Derby? Naturally, betting on the Kentucky Derby is big business, and folks can place their wagers on the finest Grade I 3-year-old Thoroughbreds at many physical and online locations all over the world.

Currently, only 38 states have legal land-based horse betting facilities, though betting on the Kentucky Derby is effectively legal anywhere in the country if you use a reputable offshore racebook or sportsbook to place your wagers. How To Bet On The Kentucky Derby There are many different tacks to take when working out how to bet on the Kentucky Derby, but putting money on the event is effectively the same as wagering on any other horse race.

That said, your payouts will be determined by your level of risk, and in order to maximize your return, you will have to do more than just pick a horse to Win, Place, or Show. To that end, there is a slew of parlay options available when betting on the Kentucky Derby, and the riskier your lineups, the more you stand to win.

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AdUp To 57% Off New Player Horse Race Betting Credit. Save up to $ How to bet on the Kentucky Derby in Illinois. You don’t have to be at Churchill Downs Racetrack to participate in the festivities. Illinois horse racing enthusiasts can bet on the Derby through . 9 rows · Betting on the Kentucky Derby at the Bovada racebook is an engaging, straightforward.