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Precious metals investing news free

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Romios' first geological mapping and outcrop sampling on these claims was completed in June , and focussed on a historically neglected area of schists suspected of being part of a VMS-type alteration path. These rocks are very atypical for greenstone belts in the Canadian shield and may be the result of a hydrothermal alteration system related to the formation of the Arseno Lake deposit.

Future work on this project will attempt to follow the schists eastward and evaluate several clusters of untested EM conductors between these outcrops and the Arseno Lake deposit. The large claim block covers a highly underexplored Timiskaming-age and style volcano-sedimentary basin s adjacent to a major crustal break, the type of setting that hosts many of the great gold deposits in the Abitibi belt Timmins, Kirkland Lake, etc.

One week was spent in June exploring a small part of this large block, Romios' first work on these claims. Highlights: Geological mapping confirmed the presence of a belt of coarse conglomerates and sedimentary breccias believed to have formed along the basin-bounding faults. Several outcrops of sheared alkalic volcanics were located within the sedimentary sequence, another rock type typical of Timiskaming basins. Future programs will continue to map and prospect the remainder of these prospective faults.

In recent years Romios has discovered an extensive VMS system here with several massive sulphide horizons and two types of gold-bearing veins - a series of unusual "epithermal-looking" calcite veins with sporadic gold mineralization, and an impressive quartz-pyrrhotite vein which returned the best gold intercept known in the belt outside of the Musselwhite property: 4. The drill used in the program has been left on the claims for a potential follow-up program in As a matter of procedure, a rigorous quality assurance and quality control program was implemented to ensure reliable assay results by inserting alternating blanks and commercial Certified Reference Material CRM standards at every 10th position in the rock sample series as well as several CRMs in the humus sample series.

Sandy soil samples were analysed by the enzyme leach method. Qualified Person The technical information in this news release has been reviewed and approved by John Biczok, P. In addition to his extensive experience with several major mining companies exploring for a wide variety of ore deposit types across Canada and India, Mr.

Biczok spent 12 years conducting exploration and research at the Musselwhite gold mine in NW Ontario. About Romios Gold Resources Inc. Romios Gold Resources Inc. Additional interests include the Kinkaid claims in Nevada covering numerous Au-Ag-Cu workings and two former producers: the Scossa mine property Nevada which is a former high-grade gold producer and the La Corne molybdenum mine property Quebec. For more information, visit www.

If you have any questions online Twitter , Facebook , LinkedIn please feel free to send direct messages. To book a one-on-one minute Zoom video call, please click here. Forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance as they involve risks, uncertainties and assumptions. We do not intend and do not assume any obligation to update these forward-looking statements and shareholders are cautioned not to put undue reliance on such statements. Yes, prices do bottom out, but they inevitably rise as silver has an industrial use.

As white gold has grown more popular in the world of jewelry over the last years, the value of silver as jewelry has dropped. It no longer has the same kind of hoarding value as gold. But it still retains its industrial value. Silver is one of the best conductors of electricity out there - and it is therefore used in many different types of electronics.

It is also used to make knives, surgeons' tools, and make other practical tools. Silver has a higher value in the Eastern markets than it does in the West. This is mostly due to the number of electronics that these two areas produce. Platinum Platinum is one of the most valuable metals in the world - even more so than gold.

Well, simply because it is rarer. There is far less platinum in circulation and it is mined less than both gold and silver. Like gold and silver, platinum is traded 24 hours a day on the Global Commodities market. Platinum is used in many different industrial products, just like Silver, it is most notably used in automotive catalysts.

These reduce the number of harmful emissions that cars, vans, and trucks put out into the atmosphere. In a global law was passed that meant car manufacturers had to start using more automotive catalyst converters in each vehicle.

This caused the price of platinum to skyrocket. Over the last few years, the industry has started recycling and reusing automotive catalyst converters. This caused the price of Platinum to begin to return to previous levels. Many manufacturers have switched to using Palladium which is a metal with similar properties to platinum but it is nowhere near as rare and is, therefore, a lot cheaper.

The majority of the world platinum supply can be found in South Africa and Russia. Platinum is unlikely to lose its value as it is so rare. This would only happen if a new and very large source of the metal was found. Platinum is also a popular material to have jewelry made out of because of its durability and its innate value. It looks similar to silver but has a slightly darker base color. Palladium Palladium is the final metal we are going to talk about today. However, there are many more types of precious metals that you can invest in.

Many of these metals are less valuable than the four that we have talked about today and their markets are more volatile. Palladium is in the same metal family as platinum - this is why they can be used interchangeably in some industrial products. However, it is far more abundant than Platinum and has many more uses. Palladium can be used in both electrical and industrial projects, it can also be used in sewage projects.

It also has medicinal properties and has many uses in the world of chemistry. It is also a crucial element in making solar panels. Palladium can also be mixed with other metals like gold to make a stronger alloy. The majority of the world's palladium comes from Russia and South Africa, but there are also palladium mines in Canada and the United States. There is a large supply of palladium and it is minded consistently - while the price of palladium has been rising slowly over the past few years, do not expect any big spikes in prices over the next few years.

Best Ways to Invest in Precious Metals Now that you know more about precious metals, their markets, and their uses - you are probably wondering what the best way to invest in them is. The answer to that question will depend on the type of portfolio you are looking to build and how much money you want to invest in precious metals.

Physical gold, silver coins, and bullion Let's start by talking about the most traditional way to invest in silver and gold - buying them physically. Market experts typically refer to people who buy precious metals physically as "hoarders".

This is not meant as an insult, it is more of an observation. When you buy physical precious metals, you take them out of circulation and you reduce the amount of product available. In the short term, this will give the value of the precious metals a small boost. However, if you want to make a profit from physically buying gold and silver then you are going to want to hold onto your precious metal investments for a long time.

Particularly if you are buying gold. The silver market is more volatile and fast-moving. There are two things that you should bear in mind when you are looking to invest in physical precious metals - the price and where you will store these items.

If you want to buy physical gold then you are going to need some cash to pay upfront with - probably a large amount of cash. If you don't have a large amount of collateral then you should look into the other options on this list. Secondly, you will need to think about how you are going to store your physical gold or silver. If you only have a few small coins then you can hide this away in your home. But if you start to buy more then you are going to have to pay someone else to look after it for you.

Precious Metals IRA Some people choose to put their IRAs retirement funds in stocks, but if there is a financial crash then there is a good chance that they could lose all their money. Because of this many people choose to keep their money in a simple savings account. But there has to be a better option than just having your money sit around and collect dust? Well, we think there is - investing in a precious metals IRA.

Because the account is self-directed, you have more control over what you invest in and the kind of investments you make. A traditional IRA would only allow you to invest in traditional areas of the market like stocks and bonds. However, you can use a self-directed IRA to invest in things like cryptocurrency and precious metals.

With this type of account, you can enjoy a much more diverse portfolio, and many experts believe that having precious metals in your portfolio will make the portfolio more secure overall. The precious metals market is a lot less volatile than most other types of market and it can offer more protection for your money.

ETFs stand for exchange-traded funds. ETFs are a collection of securities that trade on an exchange just like a stock does. The value of an ETF can fluctuate throughout the day and an individual ETF can only trade once per day after the market has closed. New traders and investors may be attracted to investing in ETFs because they are incredibly easy to buy and sell. They stay liquid, so this means that selling is a quick process unlike selling physical gold.

However, unlike physical gold, there is no way to liquidate them if something goes wrong with the stock market. The major problem with investing in ETFs is that they are very expensive to buy into. Just like buying physical gold, you need to have a lot of collateral upfront to purchase an ETF. However, you don't get the benefit of the price stability provided by buying precious metals physically. The price of an ETF will change throughout the day and the market is a lot more volatile than the process of trading physical metals.

You will most likely be trading with larger values and have a chance of seeing bigger profits - there will be more of a risk though. There are a large number of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium mining companies out there that are taking investments. There is also a range of ETFs that are made up of mining company baskets. The things that put people off investing in precious metals - how long it takes to make a profit, the lack of liquid assets, and the price of buying into the markets - tend not to apply when you are investing in mining companies.

An investment into a mining company is more similar to investing in stocks than it is to buying physical Gold or buying into an ETF. Your assets are going to be easier to transfer and you are more likely to see a cash flow. You may even get paid dividends. The main problem but also the main bonus of investing in mines is the amount of profit you will make will depend on the price of gold. However, if the price of gold doubles - as it has many times before - then the company will be making a huge amount of profit.

Any money and dividends that you will see will entirely depend on the value of gold and how much the mining company can sell their stock for. Are Precious Metals a Good Investment? Most investors that deal in stocks are skeptical about the idea of investing in precious metals.

It seems like a very old-fashioned concept. But, we would argue that this form of investing has stuck around for so long because it works and you can trust it. In this section, we are going to answer the question - are precious metals a good form of investment?

Diversification One of the major benefits of investing in precious metals is it allows you to diversify your portfolio away from stocks and cryptocurrency. Investing in precious metals is a lot less risky than other forms of investments - unless you are investing in Silver. Gold is slow, but reliable If you are looking for a place to invest your pension funds or other long term saving funds, then you should really consider investing in gold - both physical and ETFs. Many people may be put off from investing in gold because it takes a long time to make a profit when you purchase gold.

This is because the gold markets change very slowly over time unless a gold hoarder sells a huge amount of their stock. Many people are put off by the low yield of investing in gold, but the important thing to remember about gold is that it has historically retained its value through the financial crisis and war. Which can be more valuable in the long term than a high yield. Silver offers great opportunities for profit While gold is slow but reliable, silver is very different.

The industrial value of silver is rising but its hoarding value is falling sharply. Silver jewelry is less valuable than it has ever been. When you are looking to invest in silver you should invest in the miners rather than an ETF. The silver market is very volatile - this means that you can see large rises and falls throughout the day and these can be quite unpredictable.

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The latest market news, stories and analysis in precious metals, cryptocurrencies and retirement planning. FREE GUIDE. Theses news articles look at the gold, silver and bitcoin markets . AdAt Vanguard, You're More Than Just An Investor, You're An Owner. We Can Help You Build a Brighter Future For The People You Love. Learn More Request A Demo, Become An Owner, Stay Updated, Start Saving Your Money. Sep 09,  · The Precious Metals Investing News home page is your best source for the latest news on Precious Metals to learn all the facts about investing in .