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Ethereum wallet 0.9 0 espn first take patriots chiefs betting

Ethereum wallet 0.9 0

My issue is the same as that of JamesDall I created an account in late November using 0. The new account I created using Mist itself which technically should not be any different from creating it on Geth, however due to the interface giving me the option to view my password before creating, I did take a screenshot and save it.

I use Windows. Unfortunately, the password I kept does not work. I have been trying to raise the issue for a few weeks now. Tried to ask here as well couple of weeks ago and be pretty vigilant probably annoying for asking about it everywhere. I have tried downloading all recent versions of Mist.

I have even tried to recreate the issue as well and failed. My first account works great with the same password so I'm not really sure if its a "special character" problem. Any insight would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance. I tried pyethrecover with no luck but none other brute force tools. I will simultaneously try and reproduce the error, I even tried replicating the situation of downloading the full block to about 4m and then getting onto --light if that would make any difference at all.

From the Mist UI console developer tools , from there it can use and control the web3 object. An in-depth view of Mist 0. ENS support for addresses It is now possible to write an ENS address on any address field on the Wallet, and the actual address represented by that name will appear when clicking outside of the field. Accounts also do reverse name lookup: if any accounts, wallets or contracts have registered a reverse name lookup, then they will be shown the ENS name in the app.

The meteor package containing this special input type is publicly available at Meteor Package Elements, made by alexvandesande, so it can be used on a Dapp today.

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I make use of the user interface of the Wallet to transfer the Ether. So no code involved, just selecting the two required addresses and hitting the Send button. How can I add the required function to transfer funds? This must be a really dumb question as obviously the user interface never indicated that I should add functions to a contract it made on my request.

So by UI you mean etherum-wallet, right? I tried replicating your issue at my end. Do let me know if I missed any steps. I created a wallet contract Single owner account from Ethereum Wallet. I set the owner of the wallet contract to be my main address. I transferred some ethers from my main address to wallet contract.

I tried transferring ethers back to my main address. I didn't face any problems in this. Another 2 hours were spent downloading additional blocks and chain structure, this time from the secondary splash screen the one that is displayed after having selected the network and a wallet At this point , Launched app, let is sit on secondary splash screen for a while, as it counted arbitrarily, going up and down in value.

Closed the app. Launched app, and no ETH present. Waited and waited, and nothing. Closed app. Launched app, secondary splash screen counted upwards, would fall back down to a lower number, count upwards again, until a few moments later, it closed and GUI screen opened, and ETH was present. Have closed and launched app a few times since, and everything is working as it should, which is to say my ETH balance is correctly represented.

Apart from the few seconds that it took to install the app, the chain structure and blocks took under two hours to download mas o menos. It 'should' have been completed at this point, as was the case for the 0.