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Forums betting advice csgo how will i make india a better place essay

Forums betting advice csgo

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Like any regular sport, most CSGO betting tips will focus on the basic match winner. This is because this kind of bet is the easiest to understand. Most CSGO betting sites will allow you to bet on the score. This refers to the overall winning final score of maps won. Some sites may even allow you to try an odd or even bet on the final score.

Most decent bookmakers will also allow you to bet on the winner of each individual map. Plus you might even get to bet on whether there will be a decider map. In fact there are a range of bets that are specific to Counter Strike. When considering CSGO betting advice, it is important to know where to find accurate data and statistics to make these decisions. Here you are able to track how teams are doing statistically as well as get updates on recent roster shuffles.

Now that you know where to go, what are you looking for once you get there? For this example, lets break down a potential matchup between Heroic and Gambit. Two of the strongest teams in CSGO right now. Their lowest performing map is Train. Gambit on the other hand is performing well on Vertigo and Overpass, and inconsistently on Inferno and Train. Both teams are decent on Mirage.

Head to head, the teams have matched up two times recently with one team winning duel each time, and on top of that both teams walked away with a win on Inferno, Vertigo and Train. So we have a fully identical matchup, where statistics are fairly equal between both teams and good odds either way.

How do we proceed? We will continue with our Heroic vs Gambit example. On the other hand, Gambit has better pound for pound riflers in Hobbit and Ax1Le than what Heroic has on offer. When taking both maps and players performance into account, Gambit edges over Heroic by a very small margain and should win in most cases. After this brief analysis, it appears that a good bet would be on Gambit to win the series.

If you are able to do analysis like this before your bets, you are sure to find some hidden gems with good odds almost daily. Here is a recap of certain things you will want to look at when considering your own CSGO betting advice. Find a site that accurately represents statistics of the professional CSGO teams.

Odds are and are they worth your investment.

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The daily bet thread for This Thread is meant for every game starting between CET and CEST on Good luck for your bets. 9. 2 comments. share. save. . Moneyline (match-winner) Match winner is a type of bet that is recommended to place if you are still new to CS:GO betting. All you have to do is to pick the team you believe will win a match. . It is important to keep yourself in check and how you approach the vast esports betting market. It’s important to use CSGO betting advice and make informed bets, but always keep an eye .