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Betting win reverse

But if the first one loses, your bet is over. Just tell the bookie you want to make a reverse and give them the two teams you want to bet, and the sequence of the games is no longer an issue. Example: You make a reverse on Baltimore -7 and over 43 in the Jaguars-Panthers game. Possibility Number 1: You win both games. The Ravens cover the spread and the Jaguars-Panthers game goes over 43 points. Both reverses win the maximum amount.

Possibility Number 2: Pittsburgh covers the spread, however the Jaguars-Panthers game goes under You won one leg and lost the other. You have a reverse, one with Pittsburgh first and one with the Jaguars-Panthers over 43 listed first.

The one with the Ravens listed first wins, while the second part of the reverse loses. Here is an example of an action reverse bets : I am betting that team A will win, tie, or gets canceled first and then Team B will win. I am betting that team B will win, tie, or gets canceled first and then Team A will win.

If the match of Team A gets canceled but the match of Team B wins, you still win. You can still place an NFL win reverse bet, of course, but ties and cancellations are more common in American football , so bettors prefer action reverse bets most on NFL betting sites. Such tools can help you to calculate odds and whether you will really make a profit from the outcome.

Divide your bankroll into equal parts based on how many win reverse bets you are going to place. For example, if your win reverse bet includes two teams, divide it in half and use each part for placing different bets. Practice with free bet offers until you learn the rules of win reverse bets.

Do not risk real money until you fully learn how reverse win bets work. Should you prefer a win reverse bet or simple straight bets? However, straight betting is quite simple and payouts will never be as high as exotic bets. You can also win only one of these bets: you will definitely lose the other and therefore less likely to make a real profit. Win reverse bets allow you to place bets on multiple outcomes without requiring a very high budget, and their payout is always higher than straight bets.

Pros and cons of reverse win betting PROS You can cover all your bases The payouts are high enough You can use your bankroll much more efficiently You can minimize the risk you are taking CONS May be too complex for beginners Winning chance is not as high as action reverse bets Frequently Asked Questions about win reverse bets: Can I place a win reverse bet on any sportsbook? In general, yes, the majority of sportsbooks offer this option.

However, only a couple of them supports multiple sports types for it: You should prefer our recommended bookies for the largest coverage. Are reverse win bets complex? Not really, but they look complex if you are a beginner.

You are basically placing two different bets with multiple outcomes, and each one has conditions that affect the other. Are win reverse bets worth it? They are worth it if you want to cover all your bases. If bets are good but if your first selection loses, you lose the entire bet.

Reverse bets are the solution to this problem. Is it possible to make a profit from win reverse bets? You will definitely get a payout and keep it as long as your first selection wins.

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Nov 18,  · In a reverse bet you would only win $ when you win, but your losses would only be $ on your three lost bets. You’d still lose money over the long term, but your long . A three-play $ Action Reverse wager will become a two-play $ Action Reverse wager. Then, assuming standard odds, a two-play $ Action Reverse wager will become a straight . Dec 04,  · If you identify as a recreational or conservative bettor, you should go with the action reverse bet since it will minimize losses. While you won’t win as much, you can still .