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Royal princess name betting

Perhaps the young Margaret will take to policing the halls of Buckingham Palace, making sure everyone curtseys to their rightful superiors , in memory of her late great-great aunt. Diana, for some reason, is also top pick. But Prince William has taken so much trouble to protect Kate from comparisons to his late mother, it would be highly uncharacteristic for him to slap that legacy on his baby daughter. Another favourite is Catherine. Dark Horse: Boudicca If it is indeed a girl, the baby will be the first princess to be heir to the throne regardless of whether or not any male siblings follow.

They are the patron saints of the United Kingdom, after all. What are his friends going to yell out at him on the polo field? Will and Kate might like to honour the Duke of Edinburg, who has sadly not been in the best of health this past year, with a namesake in his lifetime. The other possibility, besides David, Andrew, etc. Naming the baby after his uncle Harry might give the child some much needed joie de vivre.

That would be something to look forward to. It seems as though British punters are backing the baby to be female, with girls' names much more popular on major UK bookmaking websites. If it's a girl, some bookmakers have Diana, the name of Harry's late mother, as the favourite. The gender of the Royal baby is also worth a punt for some customers. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's first baby is due almost exactly one year after the couple were married.

Other companies are taking even more out there bets, with fellow Irish firm Boylesports giving customers the chance to bet on who the baby's godparents will be, and its weight when born. Sign up for notifications from Insider!

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The Commoner’s Guide to Betting on British Royal Baby Names

Sep 05,  · Though the newest royal baby's gender has not been confirmed, gamblers have identified Alice as the most popular name for the infant, with 7–1 odds through betting . Mar 08,  · Online bettors can bet on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's baby being named Allegra at 11/1 (+), the odds imply there's a % chance the couples second child is . Apr 20,  · British newspapers have calculated that Princess Alice could cost the betting firms as much as £, ($,) in payouts. Alice has overtaken other royal favorites, .