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Forex margin call explained variation

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Since your positions are magnified when you trade on leverage, you will need sufficient funds to protect you from market fluctuations. What happens when a Margin Call takes place? Margin calls occur when your equity percentage drops below a certain level. Margin calls are a warning that you are nearing the stop-out level, which could result in traders being liquidated or closed out of their trades.

In certain circumstances, leveraged trading may result in a trader owing more to the broker than what was deposited, which is important to know. Keep in mind that the value of the instruments in your account changes every day as the market fluctuates, and clients with less equity should keep an eye on their accounts to avoid a margin call.

How to avoid a Margin Call? Margin calls are something most forex traders prefer to avoid. Margin calls occur when you have incurred so many losses in your trade that the broker wants more money as collateral in order to continue the trade. The key to avoiding margin calls is to manage your trades well. Understanding how to choose the right leverage level is crucial to avoiding margin calls in Forex trading. As leverage is often and appropriately referred to as a double-edged sword, the greater the leverage a trader uses — relative to the deposit — the smaller the available margin to absorb losses.

Best tips to prevent Forex Margin Calls: Margin calls are common among amateur traders who hold their positions for a long time. They fail to dispose of a losing holding when it goes down. In order to maintain their losing position, they keep adding more funds to their account. Experienced traders, on the other hand, know when to cut their losses and liquidate their losing positions.

The following are the best tips to prevent you from getting into a margin call situation. Unless you're already holding sufficient funds in your account to cover this, your provider will ask you to make a margin payment. If you don't do so promptly, they may scale back or even close your position completely.

Dividend payments on short positions and funding costs are other factors that may sometimes put your account into deficit, requiring you to deposit more money. So it's wise to remember that the initial cost of opening a position isn't the end of the story — you may need to have more funds available to top up your account as you go.

Deciding whether to use leverage We've seen that trading with leverage gives you comparatively greater profits — but also relatively larger losses. So does that make it riskier than conventional trading? From one perspective, yes.

If you commit yourself to a leveraged trade based on the affordability of the initial margin, rather than your capacity to withstand the potential losses, you're undoubtedly playing with fire. However, as long as you think of every position in terms of its full value and downside potential, the risk is no greater than it would be when trading directly.

Your eventual profit or loss is the same — it's only the outlay to produce it that differs. There are also a number of steps you can take to manage the risks of trading. We explain these in the 'Planning and risk management' course. So, provided you understand how leveraged trading works, it can be a very useful tool: there's no need to tie up a large amount of your trading capital on one trade, and you can deal on expensive assets at a fraction of the cost.

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