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Lay betting money management

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Laying can be for you with our Maria-5 software. It helps protect your capital when the occasional horse is cheeky enough to actually win, and you have to pay out the winner. It is a program that does the necessary calculations based on an incredibly successful staking strategy revealed to the betting world by Maria Santonix back in , or thereabouts.

Her staking principles were so effective they are used in a lot of betting strategies and software for staking. With Maria-5 we have turned her principles into a simple but highly effective piece of software, as you can see from the interface below. This software gives you the option to work out your bets lays before racing starts if you can not follow the races.

Well, lay betting helps you earn without even gambling. Lay betting is also the key to understanding how matched betting works. Lay betting can help you do this and even more. Lay betting allows you to understand how bookies work. It also lets you understand how to use a betting exchange and combine multiple betting. The learning potential is huge and I can tell you important things that need to be done. Are you ready?

What really is lay betting? The best way to understand lay betting is to take a look at its opposite- back betting. Back betting is familiar to most gamblers. In fact, this is a straightforward process. You visit a bookie and place a bet on a game. You are convinced that your bet is going to win. This bet can go two ways. You can win and get your money back plus your earnings. You can lose your bet and lose your stake. The back bets work with the decimal points of the bookie.

The lay bets, however, are the complete opposite. Lay Bets are the opposite of back bets Just think of the opposite of back bets. It means you are placing a bet that a certain team or horse will lose. Still not clear? Suppose you want to place a bet on the next game between The Patriots and the Chicago Bears. Now, you strongly believe that the Bears have got the upper hand here. So, you place a lay bet on Patriots. It works even better when there are two or more competitors.

An example would be a horse race. So, lay bets are generally placed on a losing outcome. This is the middle of back bets and lay bets. The reasoning behind the stake of the lay bet is that each stake placed is effectively taking a back bet stake. Is that a bit confusing? Let me explain. When a gambler loses his stake to a bookie, the bookie keeps his stake.

You get this stake he loses as a lay bet stake. To keep it simple, placing a lay bet is like staking for a back bet. So how does this balance each other out? Balancing the Scales By placing a lay bet, you are placing it against the normal gamblers.

You lose your lay bet when a back bet against your stake wins. If the USA should win that game, you lose your lay bet. The back bet keeps his money and his earnings. It works both ways. So in a way, you are like a bookie who has to pay back the back bets if you lose. By now, you must be excited by the potential of laying bets. Where can you place Lay Bets? The only way to place lay bets is through the Betting Exchange. Several factors influence your availability to lay bets. The biggest factor is that people must be willing to back up the same event.

If you are the only one laying the bets, your efforts will be in vain. So the summary is your ability to place a lay bet depends on how many people are backing your event. The odds for this bet stand at about 3. This means that when placing a lay bet, this is as good as it gets. You get nothing more than this even on lower odds.

However, if another set of odds stands at 2. I would like you to note some things. The rate at which the lay bets odds and availability is going for changes a lot. At this point, it may be hard to take advantage of the changes. Understanding Multiple Lay Bets So what if you decide to place more than one lay bets on a single event.

Do the costs or liability increase with each lay bet? Not necessarily. In fact, this can even work in your favor. When you place two or more lay bets on a single event, you reduced the liability of failing to win a bet.