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Nba tech hoodie

Everyone from elementary school students to the former governor of Michigan have posted photos of themselves wearing hooded sweatshirts to mourn the needless death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin and support the arrest of his killer, neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman. In a call, Zimmerman described Trayvon's hoodie and his black skin as evidence that the unarmed teenager was a threat to his gated community in Sanford, Florida.

One of the most powerful hoodie images was a picture of the Miami Heat players with their hoods obscuring their faces. It was notable because professional athletes don't often take a stance on anything even remotely controversial.

Indeed, the photo was tweeted by Heat superstar LeBron James, who rarely speaks out on societal or political issues. The Heat were Trayvon's favorite team—he was watching several of them play in the NBA All-Star Game when he went out for a snack and didn't come home—which makes the team photo particularly meaningful. But in the NBA, the symbolism of this stance on this issue wearing this clothing item goes deeper. Because for the past six years, NBA players have been banned from wearing hoodies while at games, press conferences, and other league events.

NBA commissioner David Stern, that paragon of white paternalism toward the black athletes he employs, instituted a dress code at the start of the season as part of a push to make the league look"a little less gangsta and a little more genteel," as The New York Times helpfully summarized. The policy, which came on the heels of the infamous brawl between players and fans at a game in Detroit, prohibited players on "team business" from wearing shorts; sleeveless shirts; t-shirts; "chains, pendants, or medallions;" any headgear; headphones; sunglasses indoors; and any "sports apparel" including hoodies.

It introduced the phrase "business casual" to professional sports for the first time, requiring collared dress shirts or turtlenecks; dress slacks, khaki pants or dress jeans; and dress shoes or boots or "other presentable shoes" with socks. In other words, it formally banned the styles most popular with players—and, not coincidentally, rappers—and suggested khakis I mean, khakis and button-downs instead. But Hennings' wife said coaching had changed him -- turned him from a head-down hard worker to someone his community relied on.

She urged him to keep showing up. These weekend trips had become routine for the young coach. His mind wanders 90 miles north to the tournament in Bellingham, Washington, a world away from the Central District's gridwork of corner stores and aging single-family homes. But that was exactly the point: Each trip is a chance for his players to step beyond city limits, to see where the game could lead.

It had been two years since Finkley and Hennings had set their plan in motion and started hosting drop-in workouts at Garfield Community Center. At first, it was just weekend drills with a few local kids, but well-placed flyers at elementary schools and word of mouth had done wonders.

Murphy was in seventh grade when he attended his first workout. Smiley and Haywood, future USC and Oregon State guards, respectively, were already playing, and Murphy saw a chance to be a part of something. In Hennings, just a few years out of high school, Murphy also saw someone who looked and dressed like him. Hennings knew what it meant to be young and Black in a rapidly gentrifying Seattle. Their breakneck pace turned heads, and soon, a cast of Central District and South Seattle standouts -- including Tre Simmons, Roy and his younger brother, a skinny guard named Brandon -- flocked.

In Hennings and Finkley, players saw an opportunity to elevate their basketball. But parents saw something bigger: a positive and trusted mentor for their kids. There weren't a lot of young, Black role models. It was kind of an anomaly. AAU squads have notoriously been run by overbearing fathers with vested interests, but Hennings' son Arell wouldn't come through the program for years. The charge was always larger than family: They had a village to carry.

Seattle Style became Rotary Style, and one team quickly morphed into a program. Finkley started focusing on the Style's youth ranks, which, in addition to their boys' teams, soon included an in-house, coed elementary school league and a fourth-to-eighth grade girls' program a current feeder for the Pacific Northwest's lone girls' EYBL program, Tree of Hope. Hennings became the athletic director of the entire Boys and Girls Club while assuming the Rotary Style's head-coaching duties.

He led their first group of boys to the AAU Nationals in , and they'd return in , but even bigger things were to come. Finkley remembers receiving a call about a kid who wouldn't leave the gym and decided to see for himself. Despite being "the last man on the bench," Crawford says they footed his travel bill when money was tight for his family.

When he returned to Seattle years later to play at Rainier Beach as a point guard, he sought out Hennings. I trusted them and how they looked out for me. Shortly before Crawford's return, legendary Sonics coach George Karl came knocking, looking to help bolster the upstart youth program with an equipment sponsorship and coaching support.

Hennings and Finkley had the players, but as the newly formed Rotary's Friends of Hoop, they now had the brand recognition of an NBA franchise. After Crawford joined up in the spring of , the new squad started putting the nation on notice. Karl split from Rotary Style the following year, starting his own area team, Friends of Hoop.

It was an amicable parting, according to Finkley. Peyton Siva, a second-rounder in , did too. In , that was a pipe dream. Today, it's the unabashed fulfillment of two men's devotion to maintaining and fortifying their neighborhood -- even as their beloved NBA franchise abandoned Seattle in The irony was writ large: As their area churned out some of the best basketball talent in the country, the city they knew was shifting under their feet.

At 54 years old, his beard grayer and midline heavier than when he opened Earl's Cuts and Styles in , Lancaster's well-manicured hands still move to a steady rhythm: precision over speed, the angles just right after three decades of lineups, trims and fades. In a steady procession, young men filter off the street and into his barber chair. Payton, the SuperSonics' second overall pick in , was one of the first. After providing some of the startup cash needed to get the Central District shop off the ground, the future nine-time All-Star would get cleaned up between road trips, cracking jokes with local kids who showed up to catch a glimpse of the NBA star.

Payton's jersey used to hang on the wall. Now those jerseys sit in a closet. A flatscreen rests between the two mirrors and a mosaic portrait of Lancaster spans the back wall of his new shop, a local hub saved by a Seattle University community outreach grant. It almost wasn't so. Lancaster looks up over his glasses, pointing a black comb toward his original spot on the opposite corner of 23rd and Union Street.

Today a unit apartment building sits in its place. The liquor store next door is gone. So too is Ms. Helen's Soul Food and the families who lined up for her oxtail and fresh peach cobbler on summer evenings. Today, according to the Seattle Office of Planning and Community Development, that number is down to roughly Young basketball players still file out of Rotary down the street and wander into the new Earl's, seeking out familiarity in a jarring sea of change, a nod of confidence that's not lost on Lancaster.

He grew up attending summer camp at the Boys and Girls Club, and a smile dances across his lips when talking about the weekend parties that once turned the neighborhood out. When his two daughters were in school, they visited the club for homework help. Rotary is one of them. When that first Rotary Style team started raising money for jerseys in the mid-'90s, he was one of the first local business owners to chip in -- a chance to give back to the institution he grew up with.

Since its inception, the basketball program has relied on the community's older generation to prop up its youngest, a relationship forged in car washes, raffles, letter-writing campaigns, local donations -- anything to get their teams to scoutable tournaments. Before her son starred at Louisville, Peyton Siva's mom raised money for team trips by working a second job at a Seattle Mariners concession stand.

Former NFL wide receiver and Rotary alum Nate Burleson's parents fundraised through hot dog cookouts in supermarket parking lots. From the chair next to Lancaster, barber and lifelong Central District resident Jasen Moore takes the sentiment further.

His brother, Donnie Cheatham, a standout guard at Franklin High, played with Rotary in the late s and dreamt of playing college basketball before losing his eyesight in a shooting. He still can't bear to throw his Rotary jerseys away.

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I will be buying more! S Stan Great Hoodie! I love this tech hoodie. Had it for about 6 months and I couldn't be happier. It's lightweight but warm and so soft!!! It's also great for travel - the light weight makes it perfect to throw in the backpack and take it out for when the airplane or store you're in is just a bit too cold. And the hood and material made it perfect when walking in the light rain - dried in no time! As some other reviews have said, the size runs a bit small compared to other companies, but I knew that ahead of time and the one I ordered fits just fine - just be sure to check their sizing guide, as it seems to be pretty accurate.

I'm usually a small with shirts from other places, but definitely need a medium here. J John AWESOME except the neckline I really like the color, feel, and the fitment in the arm, chest, shoulder, and waist but the neck opening is too small and the neckline is too high. It sits high and tight so it's a bit uncomfortable and looks a little odd.

And individuals are slaying this piece everywhere they go. You have a wide ground to play when it comes to designing this classic dark piece. And while it fulfils all your swags requirements it also gives a chic look to the wearer.

Check out this irresistible beast and add it to the collection of your freebies. Even the companies are elevating their visibility by getting some exceptionally comfortable uppers for their employees and customers. The combination of black and grey on a sleek and super soft and warm fabric is something that no one can resist. And nothing could be better than giving your employees a slight vintage look this winter.

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Apr 05,  · In terms of branding, this hoodie features a black embossed Nike Swoosh logo on its chest and a printed NOCTA symbol on its back. This Drake x Nike hoodie was released in just one size. The black Nike x Drake NOCTA Tech Hoodie was dropped on April 5th, , at the retail price of $ USD. Earn 3% on eligible purchases of NBA Mens Hoodies and Sweatshirts at Fanatics. Display your spirit with officially licensed NBA Sweatshirts in a variety of styles from the ultimate sports store. TCU Horned Frogs Tennessee Volunteers Texas A&M Aggies Texas Longhorns Texas Tech Red Raiders UCF Knights UCLA Bruins UConn Huskies USC Trojans. Find Tech Fleece Hoodies & Pullovers at Free delivery and returns. Shoes All Shoes Lifestyle Running Basketball Jordan Training & Gym Soccer Golf Tennis Walking Nike .