plasma implementation ethereum
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Plasma implementation ethereum

Transact Participants could transact with each other on the plasma chain without notifying the root chain. Only when every block is created by the operator, it will submit the block header to the plasma contract on the root chain. Withdraw A withdrawal is initiated by calling the plasma contract. After creating a withdrawal, user needs to wait 7 days for other participants to challenge it. If anyone could prove the given withdrawal that has been spent later on the plasma chain, the withdrawal will be canceled.

Otherwise, after 7 days and without any other withdrawals with higher priority, user could withdraw his funds back to the root chain. Prerequisite Truffle : An Ethereum development framework which helps us compiling, deploying, and interacting with smart contract. Here, we use ganache-cli. Simply put, the plasma chains will be responsible for alleviating the overall workload of the main network. MapReduce If we look at the Ethereum Plasma whitepaper, i.

MapReduce is, roughly speaking, a set of functions oriented to organize and compute data from multiple databases. MapReduce, adapted to the Plasma context, are a database on the blockchain. These present a tree structure that offers the possibility of applying MapReduce itself to achieve ease of verification of the data found within the chain tree. This mechanism greatly increases the efficiency of the network.

Evidence of fraud The communication between the child chains and the root chain is supported by what are known as fraud proofs. Thanks to this, the root chain is responsible for maintaining the security of the network. It also punishes malicious actors who attempt to corrupt the network.

Each child chain has its own block validation mechanisms. In addition, they also have a particular implementation of fraud-proof that can be developed in various consensus algorithms. If for some reason there is malicious activity, fraud testing will allow users to report the dishonesty of the nodes , thus protecting their funds and abandoning the transaction. This implies an interaction with the main chain.

After all this explanation we can understand that fraud proofs work as a mechanism that allows a Plasma child chain to impose a complaint to its root chain. Mass exit The Mass Exit problem is one of the main concerns related to Plasma. This problem reports a scenario where numerous users try to exit their Plasma chain at the same time.

The consequences of this is the flooding of the root chain and the generation of heavy network congestion. This situation can occur as a result of fraudulent activities, as well as a network attack or any other type of critical failure that a Plasma child chain, or group of chains, can pass through.

In short, Ethereum Plasma is an open source project. It is an off-chain solution that seeks to significantly increase the overall performance of the Ethereum network. All this by developing a new structure of numerous smaller chains in the form of a tree.

These chains will be in charge of decreasing the workload of the main network, which will lead to the handling of a greater amount of transactions per second. Ethereum Plasma is an open-source project whose repository is available on GitHub.

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