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Nba system betting

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Spurs at In both cases the Bulls are listed as -9 point favorites. When using the Tunnel System, you would bet the over If the final total score between the Bulls and Spurs is The Tunnel System also requires the bettor to do their fair share of study. If you do find one, jump on it! Heavily-favored home teams that just enjoyed a big win only cover the spread That means that a road underdog facing a heavy home favorite coming off a massive win is a very solid bet ATS with a Since this is ATS against the spread , this should give some good value and pay out at around even odds.

In the Non Conference Overs system, the bettor first looks for a matchup between cross-conference matchups. Once a game in which an East team plays a West team is found, look for the totals points lines offered by the bookmaker. The bettor wants the total points over-under to be at least Interestingly, Allen Moody, a professional sports gambler that is noted above int the High Totals System , used this system over 5-years, where it won Find teams with plus.

The point spread should move the odds closer to even money, meaning this has great value. This can also provide an opportunity to parlay both bets. For example, should you lose your first 3 wagers but win the 4th, you will still be marginally down overall. Despite winning a bet, you proceed to the 5th staking value in the progression. If that bet wins, you start over. If it loses, you continue to the 6th progressive amount.

Because of this, if you lose the first 5 bets, start over without going forward to the 6th. The majority of casual bettors treat all B2Bs equally, which is incorrect. The smart play is to spot the early-season B2Bs, before the long road trips and the harsh physicality of the NBA season take their toll.

Indicating that anything below odds will have value, and since this bet is ATS, the odds should be closer to , which is great value. Once again, the bettor is making a bet ATS, so the payout is close to even money. If the home team is a Make sure not to make this bet on the ML, because although they cover the spread at an impressive rate, these teams lose the game most of the time. Another way to use this system and increase your odd of winning is to bet only the first half of games.

The best way to remove that humiliating defeat from memory is to smash the next opponent. That extra motivation will likely be more impactful in the 1st half before they settle into playing their typical game. It is most often used when betting on playoff games in sports that play a best-of series rather than single elimination game.

The Zig-Zag system works under the assumption that bookmakers and novice bettors overreact to recent game outcomes and that playoff teams will respond to losses with extra motivation. Sooner or later, the Bulls will go over that However, for the Martingale system to work, you need two things: patience and a sizeable betting budget. It is not uncommon for Martingale followers to go for months without having a winning bet. Patience is crucial here and having enough money to get through that period is even more important.

Therefore, only go with the Martingale system if you have the patience and resources to endure long winless periods. Three in Four Betting System Teams playing three games in four days tend to get tired. Tired teams find it harder to put on convincing defensive displays.

And that results in high-scoring games. According to TheSportsGeek. Bounce Back System The Bounce Back System says that teams that have poor offensive performances in one game perform much better in the next game, especially when they are playing as the home team. According to Bet Labs, 62 per cent of the time, when teams underscore in a game, they went perform much better in the next home game. The D'Alembert System The D'Alembert system is very similar to the Martingale strategy as you need to find even money bets for it to work.

Unlike the Martingale system, you don't double your bet stake when your NBA basketball wager loses. Instead, you increase it by one unit. If your bet wins, you do the opposite and decrease your stake by one unit with each next winning bet. For instance, if the Lakers go Over As you can see, the D'Alembert system is a much better option for NBA bettors who are playing on a tight budget. All of these systems will look pretty complicated at the first glance, especially to casual bettors who are new to this.

Luckily, our calculators are here to help you out. Find one suitable for your play style and fill out those betting slips hassle-free. We put them through a battery of tests too. Read on to learn more about locating the best NBA betting systems and the methods we use to separate the wheat from the chaff.

We are careful to include all possible betting systems here. Our goal in this step is to list all existing basketball systems, not only the best ones. How do we do that? We place at least ten bets using the instructions the system comes with. We make sure to mark and rate the success of each wager individually. This step takes us the most time.

We sometimes need to wait for an entire NBA season to finish to find games that would qualify for each of our systems. However, that's not a problem for us, as we know that testing betting systems is painstaking work. All of the betting systems you see here have been tried and tested and have produced the best bet-to-win ratio.

So, pick one and test it yourself. We are confident you will like the results.