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Poker glossary donk betting

Not surprisingly, the term is considered derogatory by many audiences and caution when using the term is advised. For a long time in poker history, good players would nearly always check to their opponent if he was the aggressor on the previous street. For example, after cold-calling an open raise while OOP preflop, a good player would always check the flop to see if his opponent would fire a continuation bet.

Since then, it represents a line taken primarily by weaker players. Donk bets can happen on the flop, turn or river. So long as our opponent took the last aggressive action on the previous street, then leading OOP on the next street is referred to as a donk bet.

Despite its name, donk-betting can actually be used as part of a correct poker strategy. If we never donk-bet, we are likely not following the best strategy. So, why historically did good players avoid donk-betting? Value hands nearly always make more money by going for the check-raise. In the modern era players understand the theory behind c-betting a little better and tend towards c-betting at a lower frequency.

On certain flop textures, where their c-betting frequency will be especially low, incorporating a donk-betting range is often made more profitable by the defender. Another way of thinking about this is that when flop, turn, or river cards fall which heavily favour the defender, it may make sense for him to lead OOP and take control of the action. Donk-betting is also important for exploitative reasons.

Some opponents simply play badly against donk-bets, either folding, calling or raising too frequently. Against high folders we would certainly want to start donk-betting as a bluff. That said there are sometimes when building a donk bet range actually makes sense.

They two opposing ranges are fighting over this amount of money. The reason that the big blind caller does not want to increase the size of the pot by donking out is that his range often has a very low EV. However, there are some flops that are very favourable for the BB caller.

Which Flops Can We Donk? These are boards where the pre-flop raisers overpairs have been devalued, namely where some sort of low trips is possible. If you think about it, the big blind will have more nutted combinations than a HJ opener on these flops due to playing more of the low trips-making card pre-flop than the opener does. This means that if checked to, the HJ raiser will want to check back quite often to keep the pot small.

His overpairs are not so happy to shovel money in on this flop and he will want to check behind with a lot of ace-high too. We can balance this by also leading some draws and backdoor draws as a bluff. How to Build the Donking Range? The hands we want to donk-bet on these low paired boards fall into four broad categories.

Trips — Donking betting these ensures pot growth and deprives Villain of the chance to pot control when we are holding the nuts. By putting some money in right now, we make the pot bigger on the turn which leads to an exponentially bigger pot by the river than would be possible if the flop was to go check-check.

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Dealing with DONK BETS! [WSOP Main Event]

Tier 3 In Position on the River. Lesson Tier 3 Out of Position on the River. Lesson Playing Post-Flop After Completing the SB. Lesson Playing Post-Flop After Flat-Calling. . Oct 31,  · Donk Betting Defined: ‘A donk bet is a bet that is made into the aggressor from the prior betting round, denying them an opportunity to make a continuation bet’. So for . Jul 16,  · What is a “donk” bet? A “donk” bet is usually a small, leading bet made by the non-aggressor in the hand. It is always made by the player who’s out of position (betting first,) .