mysterious ethereal creatures horror
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Mysterious ethereal creatures horror overbetting the potty

Mysterious ethereal creatures horror

Ethereal Escape Su Ethereal Graveyard Tool CR 3 The head of this shovel is stylized to look like an awoken demon, the haft of the tool a bone from which four ethereal lanterns float, held on by ghostly chains. An ethereal graveyard tool prowls about using its ethereal jaunt ability to move unseen and often through solid objects, such as tombs and mausoleums.

During Combat Upon locating a body to inter, whether living, dead or undead , it shifts to the Material Plane to strike its victim or bull rush it into a nearby open grave, then retreats quickly back to the Ethereal Plane. Once it manages to get its victim into a grave, it rapidly tries to fill the grave in as quickly as possible filling a 5 ft. Morale When badly wounded, a graveyard tool escapes rather than continuing the fight.

Ethereal Escape Su The ethereal graveyard tool is able to slip into the Ethereal Plane as a move action. It has six flabby protrusions that it drags itself along, assisted by long arms ending in three clawed hands. The deadly spawn are well named, as these ravenous creatures can strip a human to the bone in a matter of minutes, and reproduce whole armies in a matter of days. They travel through the vacuum of space in cysts found dormant within meteorites, and a single such space rock making planetfall can endanger an entire continent.

An individual spawn is relatively weak, but they rarely are found alone, and are cunning enough to coordinate group ambushes of their prey. Worse, once they have fed well enough, they metamorphose into a deadly spawn brooder, a creature larger than a man with multiple gaping maws.

The spawn brooder is the reproductive stage, and creates new spawn and helps protect them while they feed. Disgorging new spawn weakens a spawn brooder, but only for a brief time. The deadly spawn have no society, living basically only to eat and breed. They are faintly intelligent, just enough to grant them curiosity and a savage disregard for life.

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5 Mysterious Creatures Seen in the Sky - Darkness Prevails

Oct 27,  · The House on Ash Tree Lane (House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski) Another example in which the monster is more a place than a beast, The House in Mark Z. . Fifty-seven years after surviving an apocalyptic attack aboard her space vessel by merciless space creatures, Officer Ripley awakens from hyper-sleep and tries to warn anyone who will . Between and , what was once known as Gevaudan in France, was terrorized by a dog/wolf-like creature. It is said that over this timespan, the creature, commonly thought to have been a werewolf, committed attacks, of which were estimated to be deaths. The creature was considered ruthless, and to be avoided at all costs.