investing in commercial real estate india
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Investing in commercial real estate india bettinger mifflin rich group

Investing in commercial real estate india

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Office spaces can be further divided into — Central Business District: business districts that house a collective group of big companies; Commercially Zoned Homes, Medical Office, Suburban Office Buildings, etc. Industrial Industrial — Benefits of investing in Commercial Real Estate Industrial Real Estate has taken off really well since the last economic cycle and is relatively easy to enter into for investors due to its low entry cost and flexibility. Industrial spaces are those that accommodate industrial activities, including production and manufacturing units for businesses.

The different industrial real estate types include bulk warehouse, flex warehouse, heavy manufacturing, light assembly, cold storage, showroom, etc. Retail Retail real estate is that type of real estate that houses businesses that sell products and services directly to customers, basically B2C. These properties are centrally located in the heart of the town to be more accessible to customers. Retail real estate includes community retail centers, power centres, regional malls, neighborhood shopping centers, and more.

Hospitality Hospitality — Benefits of investing in Commercial Real Estate Hospitality real estate mainly exists to serve travellers and people looking to unwind. Hotels, resorts, entertainment parks, home-stays, and more come under this category. Hospitality real estate includes budget hotels, extended-stay hotels, full-service hotels, limited-service hotels, short-term rentals, etc.

Why you should be Investing in Commercial Real Estate Why you should be Investing in Commercial Real Estate Commercial Real Estate is an asset that is worth investing in mainly for the consistent returns and the advantage of multiple income streams. Even when there are vacancies, when a few tenants leave, the investor is not left without an inflow of cash. There is always the advantage of a consistent inflow of money, especially in the case of multifamily and industrial real estate.

Commercial Real Estate has a very high potential to yield financial results, as they come with higher rent and prices. Read on for the benefits of investing in commercial real estate. Commercial real estate investment ensures steady cash flow Commercial real estate investment ensures steady cash flow — Benefits of investing in Commercial Real Estate Generally, commercial real estate properties can yield income more steadily as compared to shares, stocks, and other bonds you have invested in.

Income stability can keep investors stress-free even when the financial market is volatile, as the commercial real estate market is not affected directly due to a dull financial market. Commercial real estate lets you build substantial equity Commercial real estate lets you build substantial equity — Benefits of investing in Commercial Real Estate Equity is the amount of value an investor has built up over a period of time.

With commercial real estate, the investor can build equity quickly, with the steady and relatively high returns that commercial properties yield. They can also see significant benefits as the property appreciates in value.

Commercial real estate lets you leverage substantially Commercial real estate lets you leverage substantially — Benefits of investing in Commercial Real Estate Real estate is usually not purchased in full but instead with a mortgage or, in most cases, a down payment. Being able to buy an asset without having to pay fully proves profitable to investors. To leverage on this demand, investors must take exposure in High-Quality Commercial Real Estate as the time is ripe.

Emerging Trends in CRE The post-pandemic lifestyle and business practices have called for innovation and adaptation to newer trends in real estate. The utility of such spaces is high and thus future demand is supposed to grow exponentially.

These emerging trends are here to stay and thus, investors can cash in on such Commercial properties at their nascent stages. Rise of Fractional Ownership The biggest revolution in Commercial Real Estate is the introduction of the fractional ownership concept.

A sector thought to be the ball game of the rich, Commercial Real Estate was a heavily expensive investment for the common investors to undertake. With proptech firms offering fractional ownership, Commercial Real Estate is now available at an affordable cost for retail investors. Institutional Grade assets can be co-owned by multiple fractional owners through a Special Purpose Vehicle.

Thus, a wider scope is opened for investors to unleash the profitability of Commercial Real Estate. Assetmonk is the leading Proptech Company providing fractional ownership through smart real estate investments. The key focus of Assetmonk is to maximize the returns for its investors. Boutique spaces for Start-ups The inflow of start-ups in the past 1. This growing start-up space will require specialized office spaces in near future.

Generally, smaller commercial spaces with a size of around to sq. With technology backing many start-ups, such compact office spaces are ideal. Investors must take the cue and allocate a part of their portfolio to Boutique Commercial Spaces. This number is expected to increase substantially by the end of the year. Thus, companies could return to their offices creating an increased demand for office spaces.

This is a positive sign for Commercial Real Estate Investors. Gauging the revival of the sector well ahead of time, the above 6 reasons give investors a complete guide to the prospects of Commercial Real Estate. The popularity of Commercial Real Estate will stay more or less the same even in the coming years.

Thus, hopping on to the best-timed opportunity, investors can leverage on the future demand by investing at slightly cheaper prices now. Moreover, the promising inflow from the institutional investors rides on the rigorous valuations and analyses done by the fund houses or other financial institutions. Thus, their acumen is pretty precise with a deep sense of market sentiments.

Acting on the movements of institutional investors, the retail investors can take a well-balanced exposure in the Commercial Real Estate of India. Warehouses The increasing inclination towards e-commerce has paved a way for requirements of high warehousing spaces in the country.

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4 BIG Reasons to Invest in Commercial Real Estate Now

Sep 27,  · How to Invest In Commercial Real Estate in India There are two methods to invest in commercial properties buying the property outright or through fractional platforms. . Oct 21,  · Real Estate. IBEF. Introduction. The Indian real estate market is growing at a rapid pace. It is expected to increase to US$ 1 trillion in from US$ million in , . Oct 14,  · Looking to invest in commercial real estate? Take a look at six things you need to know first before investing in commercial properties, commercial buildings. Aalia Stones .