ring ethers
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Ring ethers

If we assume that the intensity of the OH-stretching fundamental transition is overestimated by a factor of two, similar to the methanol—dimethylamine complex, we get Kp values of 1. Kp represents the ability of formation of complex, in this case, these Kp values show, not surprisingly, that three complexes have basically equivalent stabilities and hydrogen bond strengths. In general, other calculated values are significantly underestimated by theoretical calculations.

Figure 3 Full size image AIM analysis AIM analysis has been carried out to gain further insights into the nature of the weak interactions of these clusters. Figure S5 demonstrates distinctly the bond critical point BCP , ring critical point RCP and the bond path corresponding to preferable interactions. Previous studies revealed that for the organic acid—sulfuric acid system, topological analysis employing AIM shows that the charge density and the Laplacian at BCP of the hydrogen bonds of the benzoic acid—sulfuric acid and cis-pinonic acid—sulfuric acid are 0.

All values are in a. A charge transfer from the proton acceptor to the proton donor should be expected for hydrogen bond complex. It can be observed from the data of Table 4 that the charge transferred to TFE is relatively smaller for the smallest ring.

All these hydrogen bonds are characterized by the existence of a BCP between the hydrogen of the hydrogen acceptor and the heteroatom of the hydrogen bond donor. NBO analysis NBO analysis is beneficial for understanding molecular cluster formation from the local orbital interactions between the donor and the acceptor. This is helpful to estimate the energy loss caused by electron delocalization in weak intermolecular interactions, and hence beneficial for evaluating the contribution of a certain interaction to the cluster stability.

Figure 4 presents the typical NBO pattern of TFE—TMO complex, that is, charge transfer delocalization interactions of the lone pair orbitals on the oxygen atoms over the antibonding orbitals of the O—H bonds in the TFE monomer, and the typical NBO orbital pattern of other complexes are in the electronic supplementary information.

This is mainly ascribed to two aspects. On the one hand, the electrostatic attraction between the higher electronegativity Y and the positive H elongates the X—H bond On the other hand, the charge transfer or hyperconjugative interactions between the proton donor and the proton acceptor enlarge the X—H bond length, and hence weaken interactions 44 , Conclusions In summary, we have studied the detailed structures and stability of the TFE—cyclic ethers complexes to explore the ring-size effects on the hydrogen bonded complexes, by using gas phase FTIR and density functional theory calculations.

The stable structures for all complexes are obtained. The observed red shifts of the OH-stretching transition provide information about the change of the bands upon complexation and can be used as a fingerprint to identify these complexes.

The shifts increase with increasing ring size, but the change is not substantial. Considering all the effects on the hydrogen bond, it is concluded that the hydrogen bonds are of similar strength with the ring size, based on the energy calculations and the AIM, and NBO analyses. The 20 cm long glass cell used for measuring the spectra of gases consisted of a pair of CaF2 windows and measurements have been performed at room temperature. We waited approximately 30 min for the sample in the cell to reach a stable temperature prior to each measurement.

The OPUS program was used throughout all of the measurements to perform spectral subtraction and band integration. Methods Computational details To confirm the observed bands in the vibrational spectra and to obtain further insights into the hydrogen bond behavior, quantum chemical calculations are essential and were carried out in the present study using different approaches 30 , 31 , 39 , Uncertainties are intrinsic to the method used and are entirely derived from the estimated uncertainties on the physical input parameters The performance of density functional theory DFT in reproducing molecular equilibrium geometries and the thermochemistry of atmospherically relevant prenucleation clusters has been investigated and it was demonstrated that all DFT results should be handled with care when modeling nucleation For an overview of the hydrogen bonded dimers, DFT were performed, but geometry optimization shows that dispersion interactions play an essential role in the aggregation process And then that side, and call it a methyl as well.

It's the same side. It connects back to itself. How do you name this type of ether? What you do is, you just number it. You number the longest carbon chain, like we've always done in the case of an alkane. We can start numbering here. If we just think about the carbon chain by itself. We know if it's one carbon, the prefix is meth-. Two, it's eth-. Three, it's prop-. Four, it's but-. So if this was just a carbon chain, we would call this butane. If we only looked at this carbon chain right here, you would call this butane.

But obviously this isn't butane. We have this oxygen that's bonding to the 1 and 4 carbons of the butane. To make that clear, we call this-- Let me color code this part right here, this oxygen right there. It's bonded to the 1 and the 4 carbon. So we call this 1 comma 4.

And this is our new word that we're going to learn in this video. And it doesn't just apply when the ether forms a large ring. It can actually form a little subset ring on a regular chain. So you could imagine something like this. Let me draw a chain of carbons.

Let's say we have five carbons. Let's say that between this carbon and this carbon, instead of having a double bond, this carbon actually bonds to an oxygen, which then bonds to this carbon over here. Obviously, every carbon has four bonds, the ones that we're not drawing, those are hydrogens.

How do we name this? Well, same exact process. We actually start numbering the chain closer to where the oxygen is bonded. So we start numbering at this end over here. So this is pentane. The oxygen is bonded to the 1 and the 2 carbons. So we call this 1,2-epoxypentane. Now, in the last video, I told you that, in general, ethers are fairly nonreactive.

They actually make for good solvents. But, what I've just drawn here is a special case of ethers called epoxides. When you just have this three atom chain right here, where it's two carbons and an oxygen. This is a special case of an ether called an epoxide. This is called an epoxide. And this, unlike most ethers, is very reactive. Another way you could think about it, it's very unstable.

This is very reactive. Sometimes people consider these separate from ethers. The reason why they're very reactive, is this three member ring right here. There's a lot of strain on these bonds. These electrons, these bonds don't like to be that close to each other. If you actually tried to make it with an actual model set with molecules, you would have trouble making it bend enough to actually make this bond.

So this is highly, highly, highly unstable. There's actually an alternate way to name epoxides. The alternate way, so this is a completely legitimate way. You could name it just like an ether with a ring. This is 1,2-epoxypentane. But the alternate way is to pretend like you had a double bond here. That instead of this oxygen here, you had a double bond.

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