places to visit between jaisalmer and mumbai news
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Places to visit between jaisalmer and mumbai news bethesda place steinbach mb

Places to visit between jaisalmer and mumbai news

So you could take a camel ride, or jeep safari. But for the real adventurists, dune biking or quad biking is the most thrilling thing to do here in the desert sands. Going into the desert also means you will get first hand experiences in all things Rajasthan. Credit: iStock 04 Experience the Jaisalmer Fort This incredible fort is more than just a fort, as it is one of the very few living forts in the world.

By that we mean that within the fort, a whole population resides. It is the second oldest fort in the state of Rajasthan, and is a historic relic. Fascinating to think that even in , we have a people living inside a fort! Credit: iStock 05 Watch a puppet show One of the most unique things you can do here is to watch a puppet show. However, the gleam of a furtive eyeball by the roadside tells me something lurks in wait. On backing the car up, we see two magnificent nilgai blue bulls partially hidden in the foliage.

Villagers crouched around a re say the tea shop will open shortly, but the ticket window beats them to it. The car park in Nalsarovar is a kilometre from the magnificent lake; one can board boats to explore this shallow waterbody spread over square kilometres, and its 36 varying islands. Sailesh, our boatman, asks us to hop onto his motorcycle, forsaking the usual Maruti Suzuki Eeco vans used to transport visitors. Thankfully, Sulochana behen has set up her teacart by the makeshift quay.

The hot brew is laced with spices, and generously mixed with milk that has travelled straight from the cow to the pot. There is no question about its legitimacy—Dilbahari, her buffalo, stands tethered to her cart. The basic boat fare covers a round trip to Dhrabla Island and back. As the day grows stronger we spot cormorants, Brahminy ducks, white storks and the occasional pelican.

Somehow, we are the rst to arrive on the island—even the local ladies, who rustle up a great breakfast thali comprising bajra rotlas, spicy garlic chutney and lumps of raw sugar, arrive a few minutes after us. As soon as they land, one goes in search of dried wood to re the stove, while another begins kneading dough; thick rotlas are soon roasting on an ancient- looking iron pan.

Needless to say, their smoky aroma, coupled with rich unsalted butter, makes for a delicious bite. Our boatman also recommends going to Vadla Dam, 18 kilometres to the north of Nalsarovar. We take his advice and drive there. Luckily, Vadla delivers as promised— we see purple herons and painted storks right from within the car.

Satisfied with our sightings that morning, we head towards the Modhera Sun Temple. Today, eight school buses wait in the parking lot, but the kids are so in awe of the architecture that they mostly keep mum. The cook serves a fiery lal maas that is cooked to perfection—the meat curry is to Rajasthan what vada pav is to Maharashtra. We encounter camel carts, herds of livestock and a few cars but all in all it is a quick dash of two hours from Barmer to the Suryagarh hotel in Jaisalmer.

Popularly called Sunehra Qila due to the honey-gold sandstone hues at sunrise and sunset, it stands as a regal symbol of the hardy survival instincts characterising the people of Rajputana. With the rise of the shipping trade and development of Bombay as a port, the town would have gone the Hampi way and become a ruin, if it were not a perfect border outpost, as proven in the Indo- Pak war.

Today, Jaisalmer is a bustling tourist town.

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Which route to I take? - Mumbai - Jaisalmer - Vipin Mishra

Feb 16,  · Embark on this place and be ready for fans, explorers, or admirers of this fort. Jaswant Thada – A little struggle to find glitter is an escape to Jaswant Thada which is also the . Top cities between Pune and Jaisalmer. The top cities between Pune and Jaisalmer are Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Lonavala, Mount Abu, Vadodara, Surat, and Navi Mumbai. Mumbai is the most popular city on the route — it's 2 hours from Pune . Read about the 31 best attractions and cities to stop in between Mount Abu and Jaisalmer, including places like Jodhpur, Mehrangarh Fort Museum and Trust, and Ranakpur Jain Temple.