alkyl glycidyl ethers
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Alkyl glycidyl ethers heimker investing in stocks

Alkyl glycidyl ethers

Scavenger in chlorinated solvents — glycidyl ethers can find use as acid scavengers in chlorinated solvents thereby improving stability. Chemical Linkers — Glycidyl ethers derived from alcohols or phenols that contain a secondary reactive group are especially useful as chemical linkers. Perhaps the simplest example is allyl glycidyl ether which has two functional groups, the oxirane group and the allyl group, can be useful in the modification of surfaces by covalent bonding rather than by simple adsorption.

Silane industry, compatibilizer — allyl glycidyl ether finds use as an intermediate in the production of silane coatings for electrical applications. You can request a sample or get a quote. Let us know what application you are interested in testing. Receive product sheets to your inbox. Epoxidation using monooxygenase enzyme proceeds enantioselectively.

Polymerization[ edit ] As a bifunctional compound, the alkene group or the epoxide group can be reacted selectively to yield a product where the other functional group remains intact for future reactions. For example, either one of them could be used for linear polymerization, and then the other used for cross-linking.

The additional Lewis basic ether sites alter ion transport in the polymer and also affect the transient inter-chain crosslinking and glass transition temperature in the presence of metal ions. These properties suggest that the material may have applications as an alternative electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries.

The alkenes can be elaborated into short polyethylene-glycol oligomers to further increase the ion-binding ability and enhance the resulting material properties.

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