how to make ethereum paper wallet
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How to make ethereum paper wallet blue chip cryptocurrencies 2018

How to make ethereum paper wallet

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Make sure the URL is correct in your browser and look for their verified SSL certificate which looks like this: Make sure you bookmark the correct URL and always use that to visit the site, never click links in emails, twitter, Facebook, Slack, private messages etc. Pop open a web browser and head over to the site, then figure out what kind of a password you would like to use. A combination of at least 15 different characters, including special characters and lower- and upper-case letters, is recommended.

Keep in mind that the paper wallet holds your official, public Ether address. This address is comparable to an IBAN of any regular bank account; therefore, it can be published. If you provide your official address to another individual, that person may then send you Ether. However, if a person gets hold of your private key, then he or she can access all of the Ether funds you keep on your Ether paper wallet.

Important: Never disclose your private key to other people. In addition to printing out a paper wallet, you can also download a JSON file from the website. The information may be downloaded, encrypted, and even unencrypted. However, the password that was created in the beginning of the entire process is needed for decryption. Using Ether with Your Ether Wallet Before utilizing your newly created paper Ether wallet to full throttle, it is advised to first transfer a little bit of Ether to your wallet as a quick test.

After your test is successful, you should be good to go to transfer more Ether safely. You can set up your Ether wallet to automatically receive Ether if you frequent a cloud-mining service, like Genesis Mining. It is recommended to save the official public address of your wallet to your computer, while keeping your private key hidden elsewhere to avoid any troubles.

You can easily use Etherchain to figure out the exact amount of Ether that is stored on an Ether wallet. To send Ether from your wallet, you can visit MyEtherWallet. Generally, there are two ways to send Ether to someone else. However, if the JSON file is encrypted, then you will be prompted to enter the password; following this, you will be allowed to send Ether. If you decided to utilize a standard paper Ether wallet, then simply type in or paste your private key when prompted by MyEtherWallet.

If you believe that someone may have observed your transaction and that your Ether wallet is compromised, have no fear; you can easily transfer all your Ether to a new wallet and destroy your old paper wallet for the sake of safety. Step 2. Step 3. So this is how you make a paper wallet for Ethereum if you already have a wallet on MEW.

Transfer ETH to the public address shown on the paper wallet. And for this, you will be required to scan the address on the paper using your mobile or software wallet. Or you can simply copy-paste the address in your software wallet. After which you can transfer any amount of ETH to the paper wallet.