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Ethereal didgeridoo

Fusing together contemporary dance beats, ambient, trance, trip hop and dub with call and response, polyrhythm and choral harmonies, B. R is full of purposeful, prophetic lyrics inspired by mythology, cross cultural energies of the Earth and a revolution of consciousness in all of us, to take us into a New World.

From tribal, hip shaking, foot stomping beats to evoking enlightening, mind expanding thoughts and emotions, B. R pulls you to lose inhibition and enter into a world of freedom, liberty and expression. Be your true self, B.

R, a contemporary electronic dance music album featuring trance, house and trip hop beats, powerful vocals and tribal drums, weaved with vibrational, haunting didgeridoo and sparkling percussion. A real foot stomper to get you grooving. We often have the feeling with this form that the vibration is projected straight ahead.

Finally, all the techniques that play with pressure under-vibration and over-vibration will be logically easy to play. However, a too conical didgeridoo will sound aggressive, much too tense, here we are clearly with a nervous guy! Typically, this is not the didgeridoo for relaxation! The harmonics will be as cramped, locked up. The bass will be stuffy, even tiring. It takes up too much space. As if it locked the sound in an enclosed space. Finally, the cheek techniques will be difficult to play due to lack of space in the air column.

The cylindrical didgeridoo: supple and full of softness If the conical shape develops dynamism, the cylindrical shape brings softness. Imagine someone gentle and quiet. The sound is round, enveloping. You will understand, this type of didgeridoo is more inclined to meditation. Playing techniques are easy to develop. The bass is enveloping. The vibrations seem to fill the room and the harmonics feel free to resonate as this configuration offers so much sweetness.

However, as above, if this form is taken to the extreme the didgeridoo will lose playability. A bit as if our man was quiet on the sofa but difficult to motivate. It will therefore take a lot of energy to play all the joints tongue, lips, etc. In addition, the under-vibrations and over-vibrations will be difficult to pass. Finally, the sound volume will be quite limited and the sound will not seem to flourish. Our guy speaks quietly, his voice is not projected.

Next, the size of the didgeridoo The length of a didgeridoo greatly influences its acoustics. To fully understand what this criterion brings, we will start from two extremes: small and large. Often times, a classic didgeridoo is an average of these two factors. Thus, most didgeridoos are between 1m40 and 1m80 in height.

Understand that for the same given shape conical or cylindrical , the longer a didgeridoo will be, the more serious it will be A, B, C and the shorter it will be, the more acute it will be F, G. Its length gives it a deep sound. So deep that one can easily take the image of a cave. You are no longer on earth, but underground. A long didgeridoo will have very interesting resonance effects with tongue attacks. It will also offer a lot of ease to games related to pressure over-vibration and under-vibration.

Nevertheless, this type of instrument can quickly become dark, going so far as to give off a dismal atmosphere. Our character imbued with depth can veer into heavy gravity. As the length increases, the note of the instrument becomes lower and lower, which does not help. However, playing a song on stage with a long didgeridoo is often the most beautiful effect.

The range of the sound is so different that it creates a nice contrast. Didgeridoo court: joy of living! Its harmonics will often be clear and singing, its vibration light. Its short size limits the muffled appearance of the bass and thus allows clear sounds to shine easily. On the other hand, if it is too short it will fall into superficiality.

The lightness of his words will eventually take up too much space and cruelly reduce its depth. Something will simply be missing and you will almost certainly want to go for some length. However, I prefer to warn you, I might not be completely neutral in this matter. May you forgive my strong positions. To summarize this personality trait, we will have two possible bore sizes. Added to this is a third diameter, which is the balance between these two extremes. Note also that when I speak of the diameter of the bore it is indeed the beginning of the internal air column of the didgeridoo.

This is the size once the mouthpiece is removed, the real departure of the air column. Small bore: a precise language less than 35mm Here, the didgeridoo is very thin and his voice is precise. Its ease of play gives it a lot of charm. Everyone is sensitive to charm. It is therefore logical that we find this type of instrument everywhere. As much to tell you right away, I am not a big fan of this easy charm. And this for two reasons : The first is that a didgeridoo starting at this size is at great risk of having a purely conical shape.

It will therefore be necessary to be very vigilant to the weak points mentioned above: the nervous one can quickly bring it back! The second is that sound can quickly be locked up and not resonate. The vibration is locked up. Our man has a nasal voice, far from the pretty singing voices.

Except in France, this opening size is the standard in the world. But still I do not like them… hum after reflection I did not put much water in the bucket…! In short, I still have a long way to go on the road to universal love.

Average breaks through: the golden mean? We are already in a more open didgeridoo. Here, it already sings significantly more than its predecessor and the sound is much more balanced. For my part, I hardly play a didgeridoo below 40 or 42 mm opening, the minimum. At this point, the didgeridoo still retains pressure and playability while still being resonant. We start to have a shape inspired by the cylinder while remaining in the conical.

This is in my opinion the most balanced opening size. It sits between the two extremes. And as the Buddha said so well: follow the middle path. Large bore: from opening to dispersion 45 mm and more In this case, be sure, you have in front of you a big cushy! It is wide and the least we can say is that it can be seen and heard.

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