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Alternative betting

The more points that one chooses to lay on the favorite with an alternate spread, the more their payout would be. Conversely, if one chooses an alternate spread where the favorite is laying fewer points than the original spread, the payout would also be less since there is less risk involved. What is an Example of an Alternate Spread? The following is an example of alternate spread options that SugarHouse Sportsbook offered on a game between the Eagles and Cowboys.

The original spread on the game was Dallas However, if a bettor thought the Cowboys could also cover a spread of Depending on the sportsbook, most sporting events that have a spread would also have alternate spreads available to wager on.

However, most sportsbooks will offer other variations of these lines as alternate spreads. For example, one would be able to bet the favorite in baseball laying 4. Since the scoring in baseball and hockey differs drastically from the other sports, the odds for their alternate spreads would adjust accordingly. Find the game s you which to wager on.

If you are already familiar with the alternate spreads offered, tell the cashier which you want to wager on. Otherwise, the cashier will display all the available alternate spreads on the screen in front of you. The main total price was set at Bettors were able to move the main line down to 36 points or up to 54 points.

Opinions on alternate lines vary from player to player. Some bettors are willing to pay extra juice for more favorable lines, while others never stray far from the standard commission price. Moving off a hook is a popular football betting scenario, as bettors can buy one point to move a While the juice rises, buying one point cashes a winning ticket if the game is decided by a field goal. Alternate lines are also popular with parlay bettors. That is due to the rich payouts that are possible with winning parlay tickets.

If a bettor wagers on three games with On the same bet, with Chances of winning are better with the Betting on alternate lines boils down to two choices.

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