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Galba, B. Dubiago, M. Abramov, Efimovskii, A. Shklyarinskii, N. Baev, B. In Poland, Christmas Eve dinner is the most important celebration of the year. Although this meal is reserved for the closest family, it is customary to set an extra plate and seat for an unexpected guest or even a vagrant. Most of the dishes served are cooked specifically on this special day — and only once a year! Christmas Eve practices are guided by custom rather than by faith, and so Christian predominantly Catholic conservative families and modern or aethist families alike celebrate with traditional cuisine.

Meat is not allowed. Christmas Eve traditions , including culinary ones, are the combination of ancient pagan customs with religious ones introduced by the Catholic Church, local traditions and various folk cultures. The supper, which traditionally includes twelve dishes and desserts, may last for a good couple of hours. It is followed by an exchange of gifts. Sometimes the Christmas Eve menus reflect its multicultural aspects, as Jews, Poles, Germans, Lithuanians and other minorities lived together in the past.

Christmas Eve dinner starts when the first star appears in the sky. During the meal, all guests should taste a bit of everything. Also, there is almost always an empty place left at the table. This number is the symbol of the richness, twelve Apostles and represents the twelve months of the year. But in the past, dinner consisted of an odd number of dishes. The preparation of the traditional dishes takes a lot of time. Many restaurants and shops offer ready products, but Poles still prefer to cook traditional family recipes as they always taste better.

Some specific dishes may differ from various regions, but many of them are universal. Christmas Eve dinner often starts with a beetroot soup red borscht - probably the most popular soup for that day. The Christmas version varies from the common one. Christmas bortsch requires a sour base "zakwas" which is to be made a few days in advance. It consists of raw beets, peeled and cut into slices, fermented, during four to five days, in pre-boiled and chilled water with or without garlic.

It is then mixed, for example, with both a light broth made from dried wild mushrooms and a vegetable broth. This traditional Christmas borscht usually is served with tiny dumplings stuffed with a mix of soaked and then nicely chopped dried ceps and fried onion. These are called "uszka" meaning "little ears" in Polish. Borscht is traditionally served in the south of the country, particularly in the Podhale region, close to the touristic Tatra mountains.

There "uszka" are replaced with large, white beans. This soup which is also served very often at Christmas Eve dinner is made from dried forest mushrooms the best ones are ceps. The flavor of dried forest mushrooms is part of the Polish culinary heritage. This delicious soup usually comes with square or thin noodles.

Other traditional Christmas Eve soups are soft water fish soup for example, carp , white bortsch, vegetarian Christmas Eve sour rye soup or old fashioned sweet almond soup. The tradition of carp farming in Poland is at least hundred years old. It is more popular than noble fish like sander, eel or pike. Today carp is the Christmas Eve must-have in many families. Poles developed species of carp for example, karp zatorski which are certified regional products of good quality.

Christmas Eve carp is often accompanied by hot sauerkraut with dried mushrooms, a vegetable salad or potatoes. There are numerous local, ancient and interesting recipes, inlcuding carp in grey sauce, carp with dried mushrooms and cream or stuffed with parsley. Pieces of fish are cooked slowly in a fish stock. It is served in a natural jelly with onion, almonds, raisins and soft bread. Herrings are very popular in Poland at any time of year, and they are also served at Christmas Eve.

Poles in Scandinavian and Baltic nations know how to prepare this healthy fish, and so Polish gastronomy has quite a range of recipes for herrings. The most popular preparations are classic herrings fillets "matjes" in oil the best ones are in healthy linen oil , or with cream, sour apples, chopped onions, usually served with the so-called root vegetable salad or potatoes Pierogi - the most recognizable Polish food abroad. The Christmas version of those half-circular dumplings is stuffed with cabbage or sauerkraut and dried forest mushrooms such as ceps.

Interesting regional varieties - most notably coming from the eastern territories - are sweet pierogi stuffed with smoked and dried plums or with poppy seeds. Polish Christmas Eve smells predominantly like sauerkraut. Sauerkraut has always existed in the Polish diet and is one of the most popular and recognizable food preparations. One can see the strong presence of sauerkraut in the Polish culinary culture during Christmas Eve. Nearly everybody braises sauerkraut as either filling for pierogi or as a side dish with the addition of dried forest mushrooms or tiny white beans.

Some Poles also like it with soaked raisins. The cabbage roll is a type of comfort food eaten all year round. In daily cooking it is usually stuffed with meat, but it changes its face during Christmas. In those households where they are served on that special evening, the stuffing is vegetarian and contains cereals buckwheat, pearl barley or rice and dried forest mushrooms.

Kutia is an ancient dessert with origins in Eastern European made exclusively for the Christmas Eve dinner. Today, it is still served in many households where families have some roots in the Eastern part of Old Poland. It is a mixture of cooked, unprocessed wheat grains, cooked poppy seeds, honey, dried or candied fruits soaked in a small amount of port or red wine and various nuts - usually almonds, sunflower grains or walnuts.

In the past kutia not only had a culinary meaning but was connected to religious beliefs. Baking gingerbread in Poland is a tradition several hundred years old. Ancient Polish cuisine was full of exotic spices, inlcuding ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. The dough consists of honey, lard, sugar, eggs, flour and a mixture of gingerbread spices. It must be made a good couple of weeks in advance to maturate and gain the very special gingerbread taste.

Baking it a couple of days before Christmas Eve makes it ideal for consumption. It remains fresh for a long time. Poles also bake a lot of small ginger cookies which also serve as Christmas tree decoration. Poles love dried and smoked fruits and use them especially in Christmas dishes.

Compote is a traditional and popular beverage served at the end of Christmas Eve. It is made from cooked dried and smoked fruits, typically plums, apples, pears, raisins and apricots. Its most appreciated purpose is to speed-up digestion. This tiny, black grain symbolizes prosperity and must be included in the Chirstmas menu. Poppy seed cakes are eaten by Poles year round, but the traditional Christmas poppy seed cake is a bit different — the layers of the dough should be thinner and the layers of the sweet poppy seed cream should be thicker.

In some regions, a few other desserts with poppy seeds are made for Christmas Eve. Easter in Poland is celebrated according to the Western Roman Catholic calendar. Easter Sunday falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring. Rites and practices are therefore marked by Christianity, but still remain strongly influenced by pagan traditions.

It is usual for both modern and conservative families to partake in the celebrations, regardless of what their religious beliefs may be. The first sign of approaching Easter in Poland is a large number of branches and dried flowers being brought to church. One week before Easter, Palm Sunday in Polish niedziela palmowa takes place. According to Catholic tradition, the day marks the entrance of Jesus in Jerusalem.

Since palm trees are rare in Poland - although there is one known specimen - churchgoers often bring pussy willows or 'palms' made of colourful woven dried branches. The Holy Week preceding Easter involves spring cleaning. In the countryside, people would use the occasion to repaint their barns.

Religious fasts are sometimes observed in varying degrees of strictness. Families visit representations of the tomb of Christ, often decorated in a spectacular fashion for the occasion. On the Saturday before Easter Sunday, Poles paint hard-boiled eggs called pisanki. Some use store-brought kits which make the coloring and decorating easier, others continue to make dyes the traditional way - with boiled onion skins.

Egg painting is encountered in several other Slavic cultures, and is thought to date back to talismanic pagan rituals that are over years old. Another Saturday activity is the preparation of Easter baskets. Lined with a white linen or lace napkin and decorated with sprigs of boxwood bukszpan , the baskets contain a sampling of Easter foods: pisanki, a piece of sausage or ham, salt and pepper, bread, a piece of cake and an Easter Lamb made of sugar or even plastic.

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Horse racing how to win betting basketball Others partake in the practice of placing money under the tablecloth for each guest, in order to wish for prosperity in the coming year. Caroling on Christmas Eve - In some parts of Poland, especially in the countryside, there are groups of carolers going house to house, caroling or performing a short nativity play. Betlejem many homes an empty place setting is symbolically left at the table for the Baby Jesus or, for a lonely wanderer who may be in need of food, or if a deceased relative place come and would like to share in the meal. Go here to scripture, the Christmas Day masses are interchangeable allowing for pastoralka flexibility in choosing the religious services by individual parishioners. Kaminckii, V. Christmas Eve traditionsincluding culinary ones, are the combination of ancient pagan customs with religious ones introduced by the Catholic Church, local traditions and various folk cultures.
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Betting lines nfl playoffs 2022 picture Abram, V. Other traditional Christmas Eve soups are soft water fish soup for example, carpwhite bortsch, vegetarian Christmas Eve sour rye soup or old fashioned sweet almond soup. Galba V. Abramov, U. Zavyalov, V.
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