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Spread betting explained football

Conversely, the underdogs can lose by 1, 2, or 3 points or win the game outright and still win the bet. However, if the underdogs lose by more than 4 points, the bet is a loss. Point Spreads and Payout Odds How much you get paid on your point spread bet depends on the odds listed at the time of the bet.

Beside every point spread in parentheses are the odds that determine the payout. In order to figure out your payout, first look at whether the odds are negative or positive. You can bet however much you want within the maximum and minimum betting parameters outlined in a sportsbook, and the payout will be scaled up or down based on how much money you stake. Rules for Point Spread Betting Rules for point spread betting include locking in odds, scenarios that result in a push and the inclusion or exclusion of overtime.

When placing a spread bet, the odds you take at that time are the odds that are used to determine your payout. Point spreads are either whole numbers, or they can include a half-number like 4. Overtime and penalty shots in the case of NHL are included in spread betting outcomes for all major sports except tournament soccer-like World Cup. This distinction can be seen with two different kinds of point spreads: Flexible point spreads Systematic point spreads runline and puckline Flexible point spreads can be any number the oddsmaker thinks is appropriate for the game.

These types of spreads are used for sports with lots of scoring like football and basketball. Systematic point spreads, on the other hand, are used with sports that have lower point or goal totals-like baseball and hockey. In these scenarios, the spread is the same for every game. The spread is always negative for the favorite and positive for the underdogs.

With the 3-point spread restraining New England, the Patriots must beat Kansas City by more than 3 points for their bets to pay. On the other hand, the Chiefs can either win straight up or lose by 1 or 2 points and still cover the spread. Overtime is included in the outcome. A third outcome is possible. If the Patriots beat the Chiefs by exactly 3 points, say the final score is , the result is a push, and the money staked is returned to bettors.

Often, oddsmakers will use spreads that incorporate a half-point in order to avoid pushes because there are no half-points awarded in hockey, baseball, basketball or football. Point Spread Pushes Point spreads that are whole numbers can result in a push. In this scenario, if a different pitcher plays, the bet is marked No Action, and the money staked is returned to bettors. Some sportsbooks offer MLB runline bets where no pitcher is included, and the odds will reflect the uncertainty through lower payouts.

Boston Red Sox vs. In our example, the Yankees are 1. In order for a runline bet on the Yankees to win, they must win by at least 2 runs and Tanaka must be the starting pitcher. For a bet on Boston to be successful, Rodriguez would have to start and Boston would have to win, or lose by a single run. Point Spread Moves Tracking a point spread for a game of interest will tell you how the public as a whole is betting. In order to reduce the risk of exposure, sportsbooks are always trying to balance the action between both sides of a bet.

Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports A choice between moneyline betting, where a side merely needs to win the game, even by a single point or handicap, and point spread betting which bring the teams closer together, is partly down to betting temperament and the ability to find a profitable angle.

Typically, the two markets are related. A strong favorite will also be likely to win, on average by a hefty margin. The game ended in a win for Buffalo, but a push on the handicap. Sometimes this generic conversion may not fully account for the way a leading team manages the game.

Even though the long-term returns will be similar. A plus-seven spread means that team is given a seven-point advantage in a spread bet. The team win the bet if the win outright or lose less than six points. Are NFL points spreads accurate? Generally NFL points spreads are accurate. The juice added to the odds gives the books a margin for error and blindly betting either underdogs or favorites against the spread does not produce a sustainable profit.

If habits change in scoring within the NFL, the books are the first to spot it, but niche angles may exist for a time. Why bet on negative odds? Many NFL bets are designed to be coin tosses.

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Enter the Spread, also known in some sporting events as the handicap. Are you still not getting it? Below is a much simpler example of sports spread betting that will help you understand the entire concept of spread betting, especially in football much more clearly: Assuming that two teams are scheduled to face each other in the Champions League quarter-final match, and you believe that a certain in-form striker will get a bagful.

The striker continues with his blistering form and scores a hat-trick, with goals coming in the 23rd, 52nd, and 77th minutes. In this space, we will make a good attempt to cover much about the spread betting market.

We will touch on how spread betting market works, differences between spread betting and fixed odds, leagues and competitions where you can spread bet, and football spread betting trends, to mention but a few. How does spread betting work? So, how does spread betting work? Below is how spread betting works in a soccer match: Step 1: Choose a spread market on an upcoming match of your choice. Step 2: Now, you need to decide whether the you think the final outcome will either be higher or lower than the spread.

However, if lower fewer than 3 goals , you would sell. Step 4: When it comes to this type of betting, your gains or losses depend on the difference between your buy or the sell level and the final outcome, multiplied by your initial stake. To win a bet when this happens, you only must pick which team will win the game without factoring in a margin of victory.

What is the payout on a point spread? However, what does the next to the point spread mean? In terms of odds in the point spread, positive numbers are rare, since the sportsbook is already giving you points in the margin of victory for picking the underdog. The odds are determined as a percentage. Both land-based and online sportsbooks hire oddsmakers and have algorithms to determine the initial point spread.

The goal of a sportsbook is to set the line perfectly and encourage the same amount of money to be placed on both football teams, which will guarantee a profit regardless of the winner. Why does the point spread change? This goes both ways too. If the public believes the favorite is being overvalued, and more money is placed on the underdog, the margin of victory will close and possibly even flip to the underdog being favored.

Point Spread Summary The key thing to realize is the point spread is not the predicted margin of victory between two teams like media and news outlets often portray. In reality, the point spread is the margin of victory given to the favorite that will encourage both the favorite and the underdog to have an even amount of money bet on them, guaranteeing the sportsbook a profit as a result.

If a sportsbook loses any money on a point spread, then the line or odds were not set correctly by the oddsmaker.