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Scoop 6 betting line

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The number of places that pay out depends on the number of runners and is detailed further down this page. Tote Exacta Select the winner and second horse in the correct order. Tote Trifecta One step on from the Exacta, select the winner, second and third horse in the correct order. This is the Tote version of a tricast bet. Tote Swinger Pick two horses and if they both finish in any of the first three places you will be a winner.

Tote Jackpot Pick a horse to win in the first six races of a meeting and if they all come in first you will get a share of the Tote Jackpot pool. Jackpot Results Tote Placepot Very similar to the Tote Jackpot but with the Placepot you selections don't need to win, they just need to have all placed. Placepot Results Tote Quadpot The Quadpot is a shorther vesion of the Placepot running over four races instead of six.

Normally this is races three to six on the card. Tote Scoop6 With the Scoop6 there are three different prize fund pools you can win a share of: - Select the winning horse in each of six nominated races and you will receive dividend from the Scoop6 win fund. If your selections are all placed then you will get the Scoop6 place fund dividend. Win the Scoop6 win fund and you will get to select a house in a bonus race on a later date.

If that selection wins you will claim a share of the Scoop6 bonus fund. Tap the button below for full details. Join Tote New customers online only. On each Saturday, you can place your bets. If one of your selected horses places second, your bet is still valid. It is possible to pick multiple horses in races and claim that one of them will be the winner.

Thing is, doing so will increase the cost of the scoop 6 bet, as we will explain below. Picking the unnamed favorites mean that you are siding with the market and trusting the choices of other bettors. If there are multiple favorites, the favorite horse with the lowest racecard number will be chosen.

Your selection of Horse A automatically becomes Horse B. To give you an idea, you have 1. Winning the Lotto is For Euromillions, this is How much is the Scoop 6 bet? The cost of a scoop 6 bet depends on how many horses you pick in each race. However, by picking more horses in each race, you can increase these odds too. For example, selecting two horses in each race will reduce the odds to How to bet on the Scoop 6?

This is not a how to bet on horses guide, so we will give only basic information about how to play scoop 6. We will assume you have basic knowledge about horse racing bets and explain how to place a scoop 6 bet accordingly. In addition, we picked the William Hill Scoop 6 as the example, but the steps you need to follow are almost the same in any bookmaker, like Betfair or Betfred.

In other words, once you learn how to bet on scoop 6, you can use this info everywhere. Step 1 Make sure it is 8. Pick the winners in these races: As explained above, you can pick a single horse or multiple horses Step 5 Place your bet: You can see the cost of it on the betting slip. Good luck! Note that you can place a scoop 6 bet on course too: In order to do that, you must be physically present at one of the hippodromes included in the Tote races and submit the filled slip to one of the staff there.

Scoop 6 payout: What to expect? In this regard, there are two pools and another bonus pool: 1. Win Fund The Win Fund is the main pool we explained above: Bettors who guess the 6 horses correctly get a share of it. Place Fund Do you remember the part where we talked about a consolation prize?

If your horses come second instead of first, you get a share from this pool. The payouts are not big as the win fund, but you still get something. Bonus Fund There is also a bonus fund: It is exclusive to scoop 6 winners. Simply put, scoop 6 winners are eligible to place a bet on a race to be held next week. If they can guess the winner of this race correctly, they will earn all the money in the bonus fund not just a share.

New bookmakers always offer the best bonuses to gain more customers. Speaking of which, make sure to use a bonus i. Dividends will also be small, as almost everyone will choose them.

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Tote Betting. The Tote is a pool betting system, commonly also refered to as Totepool. It is different from fixed-odds betting as customers bet into a pool with each other, and do not bet . Scoop6 racecard & betting odds from William Hill. Free Racing Post spotlight & verdict on all horse racing. Nov 29,  · How does Betfred Scoop6 work? With the huge amount of money up for grabs, many will now be asking how do you get involved? Well, it’s very simple. It is very similar to .