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Places near biligirirangana betta fish life cryptocurrency training institute

Places near biligirirangana betta fish life

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Various observations point to a possible biogeographic link between BR hills and Nilgiri ranges. Panoramic view of the Biligiriranga Hills. The pointed peak is Malkibetta, to its left is the high ridge of Honnematti. Biogeographically , the sanctuary is unique. Thus, the biota of BRT sanctuary can be expected to be predominantly of Western Ghats in nature with significant proportion of eastern elements as well.

The wide range of climatic conditions along with the altitude variations within the small area of the sanctuary have translated it into a highly heterogeneous mosaic of habitats such that we find almost all major forest vegetation types — scrub , deciduous , riparian , evergreen , sholas and grasslands.

The forests harbour close to species of plants from various families and shows a close affinity to the Western Ghats. The forests range from scrub forests at lower elevations, degraded by over-use, to the tall deciduous forests typical of the ecoregion, to stunted shola forests and montane grasslands at the highest elevations, which exceed meters. The forests form an important wildlife corridor between the Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats, linking the largest populations of Asian elephants and tigers in southern India.

The BR hills is the only forest east of the main Western Ghats mountain ranges in the central southern peninsula to harbor these pachyderms in large numbers. The forests were the study area for R. Sukumar, a scientist who studied the elephants of the area in the early eighties. A recent survey has revealed the presence of 62 tigers in this sanctuary. BR hills are a good place for viewing many other large and small animals.

There are about 26 species of mammals recorded in the sanctuary. The other mammals include sambhar , chital , the shy barking deer which are quite common here and the rare four-horned antelope. Carnivores include tigers, leopards , wild dogs , lesser cats and sloth bears and among arboreal mammals two species of primates and three species of squirrels including the giant flying squirrel are recorded.

The forests have been famous for the Gaur, a large Asian bovid. There are about 26 species of mammals like sambhar, chital, the shy barking deer the rare four-horned antelope and species of birds like the Paradise Flycatcher, Racquet Trailed Drongo and the Crested Hawk Eagle, to name a few. Biligiri Ranga Swamy Temple: The hills are famous for the temple of Lord Ranganatha or Lord Venkatesha which is situated on the highest peak of the hill range, on the 'white cliff' which gives the hill its name.

The local form of the deity is called Biligiri Ranga and is depicted in a unique standing position. There are idols of Ramanuja and Alwars installed in the temple. The local tribes present a large pair of slippers measuring 1 foot and 9 inches, made up of skin, to the Ranganathaswamy once in two years.