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Ethereum identity

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The Ethereum blockchain already has thousands of registered wallets that record and sign transactions. Its security is proven. As the team points out, there are other cases where logging in with Ethereum accounts is already a reality, for example on Gitcoin and OpenSea. This allows users to be password-free while maintaining high security. The Ethereum Foundation and Ethereum Name Service intend to extend this possibility to other services.

Identities Each identity may choose to associate additional addresses with their identity. This allows them to link and identity from one pool with an identity from another pool. Sybil Proofs At any time, two or more identities within a pool can choose to participate in a sybil proof, revealing that they are being operated by the same entity. A successful proof pays the proof reward to the addresses of the participating identities.

A sybil proof is considered successful if 2 or more identities participate. Participation in a proof destroys the participating identity. This mechanism adds an upper bound to the number of identities any entity will try to include in a given proof. The payout amount for a proof increases with each additional participant, so it is useful to have this value be bounded as it ensures that sybil proofs will remain profitable as long as a pool continues to grow in size.

Proof Stages A sybil proof occurs in 4 stages. Stage 1. Initiation requires the following: a deposit, which will be refunded if the proof is successful. Stage 2. Stage 3. A proof is considered successful at this point if two or more identities participated in the proof. The payment is computed as the sum of all deposits submitted for the proof, the issuance fees for all participating identities, and the proof-reward value.

Stage 4. If at any time during the waiting period a new claim comes in from another participating identity that has not already initiated a claim, the initial claim is cancelled and replaced by the new claim. Preventing collusion on proofs The goal of sybil proofs is to expose weaknesses where independent individuals are able to acquire more than one identity in a given pool.

In order to de-incentivize any collusion by separate individuals, two mechanisms are in place to make it difficult for disparate individuals to trust each other. Secret Sharing In order for a proof to be successful, the individual who initiates the proof must share their secret with any other identity that is going to participate in the proof so that they can calculatethe enrollment-secret.

If the participating identities, trust the initiatior of the proof to compute this hash for them, then it is possible for the initiator to provide them with an incorrect hash which will allow the initiator to take their deposit since their hash will not verify in stage 3. Additionally, during stage 2 anyone who can prove they know the proof-secret can claim all of the submitted deposits, which allows any participant to steal all of the deposits.

Payment Claiming If at any time during the waiting period a new claim comes in from another participating identity that has not already initiated a claim, the initial claim is cancelled and replaced by the new claim. This exposes another mechanism through which participants can steal from each other. Each successive claim allows the individual to claim more of the payment than they would have received were it to have been split evenly, while simultaneously reducing the overall payout.

Proof Reward Schedule The exact formulas The reward for a sybil proof dynamically computed based on various properties of the pool. As long as a pool is growing sybil proofs will be profitable. For each proof size, successive sybil-proofs become linearly less profitable, eventually reaching zero.

Pools with very few sybil proofs difficult to get multiple identities will have larger proof rewards. Pools with very many sybil proofs easy to get multiple identities will have smaller or zero reward for proofs. This system effectively sets up a marketplace where there is an encouraged financial incentive for entities to expose weaknesses in an issuer's identity verification scheme. For a pool which has had zero sybil proofs, this value is equal to the portion of the issuance fee that goes into the sybil fund.

As more sybil-proofs occur, this value drops towards a lower bound of zero.

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Soul is your new Identity? How does that work?|#InnoMinds with Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum Part.2

Identity Systems. Don't Trust, Verify. Interoperable identity will play a role in the creation of Sybil-resistant decentralized systems, facilitating reputation and governance. HENS. HebeBlock. Oct 21,  · An Ethereum account is an example of a decentralized identifier. You can create as many accounts as you want without permission from anyone and without the need to store them in a central registry. Decentralized identifiers are stored on distributed ledgers . Sep 14,  · The Ethereum Foundation and Ethereum Name Service intend to extend this possibility to other services. This will allow users to own their digital identity without handing .