ethereal solution of hcl
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Ethereal solution of hcl college line betting lines

Ethereal solution of hcl

This generated a steady, easily controlled stream of HCl g , but the solid NaHSO4 byproduct was rather irritating to cleanup. In all cases the concentration of HCl in the ethereal solvent should be verified afterwards via titration [3, 4]. This is of course very convenient when large quantities are required, but when things go wrong they have a tendency to go very wrong.

The rest of the site has a definite focus on… real world applications. My gut instinct would be to use an ether soluble base such as triethylamine, and a hydrophobic indicator like triphenylmethanol. Only a suggestion, though. The free base will be well soluble in diethyl ether, along with most types of impurities, while added ethereal HCl will cause the hydrochloride salt to crash out.

I employed a few grains of cyanide of potassium in the new toning bath, and I have a proof by me which I took from the pressure-frame, toned and washed it in several waters one water being warm , ten minutes altogether, and thus proof has been exposed more or less to the influences of the atmosphere and light ever since, without apparently having undergone any change. This was done fully three years ago. After observing, practically, the effects which the platinum produced upon the reduced chloride of silver on the proofs, I began to reflect a little upon the theory of the subject, and the following deductions occurred to me at the time.

I had for some years observed that when an ethereal solution of chloride of platinum was placed in contact with a surface of silver, it immediately darkened the surface, and, as the ether evaporated, a film of reduced platinum was deposited upon the silver, which would attach itself so firmly that it would require good hard rubbing-- although the layer was necessarily exceedingly thin-- to remove it. This, I argued, would favour the permanency of proofs toned with platinum, for in these we have a silver surface, which, in the process of toning, the platinum attaches itself.

Now, as platinum is, of all metals, the least likely to be affected by atmospheric influence, or by light, or even by any hypo. Of course this is merely an opinion. I acknowledge that I have not yet sufficiently tested the peculiarities of time process, owing to the fact that my time has generally been most fully occupied whets I had time greatest desire to renew my researches.

If any of your numerous readers should feel disposed to try the platinum toning bath, I should recommend them to proceed thus Owing to the quickness with which time baths tones, it would be advisable, I think, either to wash the proofs first, or to fix them in a plaits hypo. But this, I believe, will depend upon the amount of platinum in the bath; therefore, when time is an object, I would recommend employing plenty of the chloride, which, although it will augment the speed of the operation, will not involve much greater cost, for I do not conceive that the reduced silver upon the surface of the proof is capable of attracting, if I may use the term, more than a certain quantity of the metal from the toning bath, whether it remains in time bath up to the time that the picture is toned, or for a week afterwards.

About two years ago, I called Mr. George Knights attention to this new toning bath, but I have not yet had an opportunity of bearing what success he met with.

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