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Freelance jobs that pay in crypto hedge funds investing

Freelance jobs that pay in crypto

Working as a freelancer and receiving payment in Bitcoin is one of the best options for people that want to expand their capabilities, learn about new things, have a more flexible lifestyle, and depend every single day less on traditional financial institutions. And it is clear that there are many advantages for freelancers that are worth taking into consideration. More and even more platforms emerge every day where freelancers can work and get paid in Bitcoins and other forms of cryptocurrencies as they choose.

Listed below are a few places you can find employers in search of virtual workers or post offers of what you can render in exchange for cryptocurrencies. CryptoGrind One of the best places for a freelancer to get paid in Bitcoin is Cryptogrind. On this platform, users are given the opportunity to browse through various sections of jobs available, using basic words or keyword tags.

One of the unique features of the platform is the ability of a freelancer to dictate the price of his services. The platform also serves as an escrow between the job seeker freelancers and the employer, holding unto agreed sum until the service is fully rendered and the employer is cool with the job by indicating with a click of a button.

Unlike other freelance platforms, CryptoGrind charges relatively less for using their platform. It is up to you to decide which is the price that you take for the services that you offer. You can be a graphic designer or a programmer, but the price will be decided by you.

It is just enough that you register on this platform to start receiving opportunities and offers from other people that are interested in your services. That being said, it is always a good thing to be present on different freelance platforms that pay in Bitcoin. So, if you are looking for some extra income or you just have some hours every day to spare, why not offer your service on this platform to someone who needs it and get paid with ease? Update: this platform has been down for several days, make sure you check for new options and avoid scams.

Job offers on the platform are of numerous categories, from writing, translation, web design and development, social media moderation and a host of others. The platform encourages users to make use of its escrow service feature in order to protect those who render their services from getting scammed. The platform has been around for quite a while and has gotten a lot of attention from the crypto community. Coinality This is unarguably one of the most popular cryptocurrency job board platforms on the internet today.

The popularity owes to the fact that there are quite a number of employers on this platform, who are constantly on the lookout for various degrees of freelancers in no small measure. Programmers, web designers, and content writers and all are regularly in demand on the platform. Unlike XBT Freelancer, employers are giving full details on how to apply for these jobs as posted by job employers. Though this might be risky in some cases, people have also been able to meet with trustworthy employers via this platform as well.

However, Coinality can be said to be one of the best places where job seekers and employers meet, and most times, jobs posted on this platform are on long-term bases. If you are familiar with Facebook groups, then you should have a pretty good understanding of how subreddits work. At the time of writing, the latest update of the Reddit app has included a notification feature, just like that of YouTube, for Reddit users. Jobs4Bitcoins is one of the best options that would give users the possibility to search and apply for different online jobs and get paid in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

The fact that the sub is called Jobs4Bitcoin does not mean that you will get paid only in Bitcoin. Indeed, some employers would like to pay you using other payment methods, including PayPal, Bank Transfers, and other virtual currencies, of course. You can always check and visit the forum to get the latest posts and information about possible job opportunities.

It also offers escrow protection to users to ensure secure transfer of work and money. The only difference is that freelancers get paid in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash , providing borderless payment transactions. Originally designed to help workers from Venezuela make money online, known as Venezuela Workers, it was opened to a worldwide audience in early You can find gigs under diverse categories like Lifestyle, Music and Audio, Video and Animation, etc.

It brings together Amazon gift card collectors or crypto earners and shoppers looking to save on their purchases. You need to buy orders on Amazon using your gift cards in exchange for some Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash. Amazon customers with cryptocurrency to spare place an order on Amazon with a custom discount price. These orders are updated on the Purse portal.

The earners on Purse can pick up one of these orders and pay them with their gift cards. Purse will track this transaction until order delivery and credit the payer with an equivalent amount of Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash. You can be both the shopper and the user fulfilling the Amazon orders to earn some easy Bitcoins. CryptoGigs Cryptogigs is a simple portal that lists all job offers and services posts on the same page.

You need to sign up with the portal to send messages to other users. Coinbase Earn Formerly known as Earn, this is another niche freelance cryptocurrency earning portal. It allows users to earn different crypto coins based on their learning curve.

You need to watch videos and tutorials about various cryptocurrencies and how they work, then take quizzes that test your knowledge. The more you learn, the more you earn. Unlike other portals, there are a limited number of opportunities to earn cryptocurrency via Coinbase Earn.

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BITCOIN FREELANCING - The Best Side Hustle No One Talks About

Search for jobs related to Online jobs that pay in cryptocurrency or hire on the world's largest freelancing marketplace with 21m+ jobs. It's free to sign up and bid on jobs. LaborX is the biggest Crypto Jobs freelance platform. The best way to find Blockchain and Crypto Jobs that pay in cryptocurrency. Hire expert freelancers and pay for projects with BTC, ETH, . Apr 26,  · 6 Freelance Websites That Pay in Cryptocurrency 1. LaborX. Founded by Australian blockchain firm, LaborX is a global online marketplace that hosts .