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Sportsbook data

Bets are typically made through bookmakers, also known as sportsbooks. These operate both as land-based establishments, for example, at casinos or betting shops, and online. The total amount of money wagered by bettors is known as a handle, while the amount of money earned by a sportsbook after paying out the winners is revenue. Although sports betting is still not legal everywhere, the global market is large and lucrative.

The sports betting and lottery market size worldwide amounted to Where is the biggest sports betting market in the world? While the global market is large and lucrative, sports betting is still not legal everywhere. Furthermore, the countries that do offer legal sports betting also offer many other types of gambling.

For these reasons, it is often hard to definitively identify the market leader when it comes to sports betting alone. Of the leading gambling companies worldwide , the top company, bet, was based in the United Kingdom, while Wynn Resorts and Genting, were based in the United States and Malaysia, respectively. All three companies reported a brand value of over three billion U. Although gambling markets are often based around casino and lottery games, the sports betting sector has been growing in popularity across the world.

In , the gross revenue from the Macao soccer sports lottery alone totaled million Macao patacas. The same year, the total sports betting revenue in the U. Odds Shark has a huge archive of 30 years of NFL point spread data, baseball box score material, and much more that do-it-yourself handicappers can use for free right now.

Sports Databases Overview Interest in historical data and odds archives continues to grow as sports handicappers and historians look to the past to try to help them predict the future. From forward, every box score and stat joined the archive to forge this mammoth database. Other sports have more or less depth of archive. For example, the NBA database is solid with scores, box scores and odds from to present.

The databases were established primarily for betting and contest purposes to give handicappers a huge archive that they could sort through. This allows everyone to search their own angles and find their own trends and not rely on websites that simply display matchup reports and trends without any context.

What line do we use in the database? It is intended as a fair, representative line of what bettors would have gotten before game time.

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Check the the status of each bookmaker and compare sportsbooks coverage. We have found that 80% of the bookmakers have API, 20% of them don’t provide any API feed for developers. . Oct 14,  · Total sports betting revenue in the U.S. bn USD Amount wagered in the U.S. on sports betting in commercial casinos bn USD Share of total sports betting revenue . Potential profit = $ Positive odds: Bet amount * (Odds/) = Potential profit. Example: $* (+/) = $* $* = $ Potential profit = $ While it’s always good .