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Futures betting

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Different sportsbooks will offer the same futures markets, but the odds often vary from operator to operator. If you have the option to bet at multiple books, shop around for which one is giving the best return on the futures odds you want to bet. Hedging futures bets Hedging futures bets is one of the more popular strategies as the list of contenders starts to shrink throughout the regular season and postseason. If you were able to bet on a team with larger odds to win the championship and then that team played its way up the futures board into one of the favorites, you may have an opportunity to lock in a profit by betting on the other side.

Futures betting FAQs Can you parlay futures bets? Yes, but this depends on the individual sportsbook rules. Some books don't allow futures parlays. Can you cancel futures bets? However, if a futures bet was placed by mistake, the bettor can immediately ask their sportsbook to void the bet and return the wager, but this decision is restricted to the house rules. Some sportsbooks offer an early cash-out option on pending futures bets, in which the bettor can close their bet before it is graded.

If the futures bet is at a high risk of losing, the bettors can opt to take a decreased percentage of their original bet back. Can you bet on futures in a sportsbook? Yes, you can bet on futures in all sportsbooks. If they're going through a down period, but you don't think it's permanent, buying low on their futures is a good way to get an edge. Take advantage of the news cycle. Though Vegas and other bookmakers are typically very good at changing odds or taking them off the board altogether when big news comes out such as an injury, trade, etc.

Don't just bet on your favorite team or player. Unless you know something that you objectively think makes your favorite team or player undervalued in the betting lines or if you're just doing it for fun , it's usually not a good idea to just blindly bet them to win a championship or award. Check in on your futures throughout the season. Most sportsbooks allow you to cash out of futures bets for a partial payout. If the team or player you placed a futures bet on is performing much better than when you bet it, the odds are likely shorter, meaning your initial bet has some value.

If you don't think you'll end up winning the bet, you may want to cash out to at least lock in some winnings. Consider hedging your bet if it's likely to win. If you placed a futures bet a while ago and it now has a much better chance to hit, you can hedge your bet to guarantee winnings by betting the other side.

Check out our hedging calculator to get a better idea of how you can do this. This is the main one—and is the reason why there aren't many professional gamblers primarily betting on futures. This means the odds you are getting are less fair than with other types of bets, making it harder to win.

Your money is tied up for longer. Since futures are bets on…well.. Betting futures often locks away part of your bankroll for a good amount of time. One play could drastically change the odds of your bet winning. If you bet on an NFL coming up this week, there is unlikely to be anything that happens between now and kickoff that would drastically change the odds.

With futures, there is a lot more time for something to go wrong. It just takes one injury, trade, or suspension to drastically alter the value of your futures bet. On the other hand, all teams are susceptible to this change so another team's or player's misfortune could be your benefit. You can bet futures at most legal online sportsbooks in the United States. Check out our best online sportsbooks guide to see our favorites and find the top options in your state.

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Futures betting explained The name kind of gives it away, but a futures bet is a bet on the outcome of an event that hasn’t happened yet. These bets can vary quite a bit depending on . What is futures betting? Futures bets are wagers placed on events such as which team will win the championship or who will win the MVP. These bets are decided by longer-term results and. Futures betting lets you take the same principles that you use to predict individual games to try to wager correctly on longer-term events. This includes betting on the winner of the league, division titles, or individual player awards. Recognizing patterns and predicting trends are key skills in deciding how to place a futures bet.