betting into the preflop raiser vehicle
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Betting into the preflop raiser vehicle nobel prize literature 2022 betting tips

Betting into the preflop raiser vehicle

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A tight player called in the cutoff. Our Hero decided to reraise to 14, with I do not like this reraise size at all. When faced with a 10, reraise, both the preflop raiser and the caller will be getting excellent pot odds, meaning they are unlikely to fold. This would be fine if Hero had an overly premium hand like A-A that is unlikely to get outdrawn, but most flops bring at least one overcard to pairs like , and unpaired hands are unlikely to make a pair.

If I wanted to reraise with , I would have pushed all-in. While this will force many marginal and weak hands to fold, Hero will often scoop the 12, pot with no showdown. While going all-in risks going broke, it is almost certainly the most profitable option. Calling and trying to see a favorable flop is also acceptable, especially if the raiser is on the tight side.

As expected, both opponents called. The flop came Ks-Jh-6d. The initial raiser bet 12, into the 46, pot. His opponents folded, giving him the pot. While this may seem like a fairly innocuous hand, as Hero made an easy fold on a flop that is awful for him, he was completely unaware that a simply all-in would have won the pot with relatively little risk, especially given the preflop raiser is somewhat loose.

To help ensure you do not make this mistake in your games, you can use the following equation to determine if a preflop all-in is profitable. If the all-in is decently profitable, it is usually the best play. Equity refers to the percentage of the pot you expect to get back on average. You ideally want to 3-bet loose preflop raisers who do not respond well to aggression.

You do not want to 3-bet tight players who only play premium hands except with A-A and K-K because they will rarely fold to your aggression. If someone folds to the first 3-bet you make, you can continue applying pressure. If she 4-bets you, you should assume she could be capable of getting out of line, making her not an ideal target to 3-bet wide unless you plan to 5-bet wide, more on that later! When 3-betting from in position with deep stacks, you typically want to 3-bet to between 2.

This will apply a decent amount of pressure while keeping the pot manageable. A loose, aggressive player, raises to 2. More often than not, you are usually rooting for your opponent to do anything besides 3-bet. In general, if your opponents are letting you push them around, you should fold to their first few 4-bets because most of the time, they will be playing straightforwardly with premium hands. Do not fall into the habit of mindlessly piling your stack into the pot every time you get 4-bet.

You are not getting the correct pot odds to justify a call. It is important to realize that your 3-bet can be profitable even though it will fail from time to time. Your opponents will wake up with premium hands from time to time. There is no point in 3-betting A-A if you know your opponent will fold almost every time. In order for this play to be profitable, you will frequently have to follow through with an additional bet on the flop. There is no need to bet large. The action folds around to the hijack, who calls.

Your opponent checks and you make a standard continuation bet of into the 1, pot.

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# Leading into the Preflop Raiser Brian and Ping talk about the theory behind leading and donking as the preflop caller. They use 2 examples: a single raise pot and a 3bet pot to show . Whats the difference between betting on the flop as a "c-bet" when someone else was the original raiser, or when i was the original raiser? Close. im just learning so sorry for this . Feb 04,  · The initial raiser bet 12, into the 46, pot. His opponents folded, giving him the pot. While this may seem like a fairly innocuous hand, as Hero made an easy fold on a flop .